Monday, August 21, 2017


I had two weeks off work at the beginning of August.  For various reasons I wasn't able to go away but I was determined to have a proper break and took lots of days out over the fortnight. Looking through the photos I took the common theme seems to be clouds.

There were clouds over Brightlingsea,

and clouds over the sculptures in the walled garden at Marks Hall.

There were clouds over the warmup track at the Athletics World Championships in the Olympic Park in London,


and clouds over Orford as seen from RSPB Havergate Island.

There were clouds reflected in the river Alde on the walk from Snape to Iken,

and clouds over the beach at Walton on the Naze.

Fortunately, apart from on one day, they didn't produce much rain!

I'll finish with a picture of clouds taken through the meadow of corepsis and cornflowers at Marks Hall.

If you're interested,  and want to see pictures of more than just clouds, I posted photos of my holiday everyday on my instagram feed.


Celia Hart said...

We've been watching the clouds this summer, it's certainly a good year for cloud-spotters. The meadow photo is beautiful, I love the combination of yellows and blue.

Gina said...

It seems like you have managed to get out and about a lot over your two weeks off. Fabulous photographs but especially the one of the meadow.

Janneke said...

Beautiful Su, there were wonderful cloudshows in the sky the last few weeks.
Great pictures.

Jo said...

You may not have gone away but you certainly had lots of varied days out, which is just as good as a holiday away from home in my opinion. Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

You live in the right county for big skies don't you? Your cloud pictures are gorgeous.

I will look at your images on IG too, and if I comment on any I will show up as toniannealyn for some reason!

Julie said...

Great photos.. I love cloud watching, there has been some lovely cloud formations of late. You were just down the road from me when you did the Snape to Iken walk :o)