Tuesday, October 25, 2011

She Sells Three Shells

A few days ago I finally finished (I think) another small textile piece that I started after I'd been to the Knitting and Stitching Show. 
Three Shells - 10cm x 20cm
It's embellished sari silk, with silk fibres, banana yarn and scrim.  I've sort of stitched the shells on, which are years and years old (there's a good reason for not throwing stuff out!) and then added a few french knots.  I'm having problems stopping the shells from falling off, but if I don't touch it they're fine!  Anyone know a good way to secure them?

If you're interested in textiles and live near Bury St Edmunds, the 'Out of the Fold' exhibition is well worth a visit.  Fran and I went yesterday and were really impressed, it's on until the 29th Oct. And if you want a cuppa afterwards then head to 'Harriets' - lovely tea, and the cakes looked good too, although we both managed to resist (this time!)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Bowl Like No Other

I thought I'd show you a bowl that I made a couple of weeks ago.  It's not like any other bowl (and it's also really hard to photograph!)

Silk Bowl - approx 21cm x 14cm

I made it by sandwiching silk fibres between water soluble fabric and then free motion stitching it - round and round at first to make the base and then out in lines towards the edges. 
Next I ran it all under a cold tap until the water soluble fabric had gone but some of the "stickiness" was left (word of warning, if you fancy doing this yourself then take your watch off first as the "stick" gets everywhere!). 
Then I squeezed most of the water out and molded it over a bowl to dry.

Silk Bowl - approx 21cm x 14cm

When it was dry I stitched a few seed beads on and painted round the top with fabric paint.  It's quite holey but is more rigid than it looks as when the stickiness dries it gives it some stability.

I love these silk fibres, I bought them last year at the Knitting and Stitching Show from Oliver Twists.  I also bought some more this year, including some undyed ones - my next challenge is to dye them using the microwave!