Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Walk Into Town

I needed a few things from town today but couldn't face the battle for car parking so I decided to walk.    First I walked through the churchyard at the end of my road and then down the long hill into town.

Past one of the three silk mills we have here (I didn't go in the shop this time, I'm waiting for the after Christmas sale!) and through the park.  

The totum pole is one of several in the town that were carved for the Millennium.

Then I arrived in the market hill where Thomas Gainsborough watches over proceedings from on high!

It was nice to see some mucky fen celery for sale, complete with root (we used to fight over who got to eat the root as children).

After I'd bought the few bits I needed I headed home but not along the road this time, instead I walked down this path to the river

where a swan was doing some preening and stretching!

The low winter sun and the still water made beautiful reflections.

 After crossing the railway line I was nearly home.

Back through the churchyard with its ivy covered gravestones and this funny little partially buried grave cross - I wonder whose grave it was marking.

Then through the kissing gate to home.

I hope you enjoyed the walk, next time I think I need to wear wellies as I did end up rather muddy!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Cold and Frosty Morning

We had our first proper heavy frost this week, cold enough to blacken most (but not all) of the dahlias.

Frosted echinops seed heads

and frosted echinops leaves, curling like a knarled old hand.

Just the edges of the ferns were frosted, as though they'd been dipped into icing sugar,

but the hollyhock bud had a major dusting.

The frosted rose petals glistened in the sun

while the frost on the eucalyptus seemed to intensify the bluey grey colour.

The Vibernum Farreri buds had also been sharply frosted

but those higher up were already catching the sun and the frost was melting into tiny droplets of water.

It never ceases to amaze me how these winter flowers can cope with being frozen and then still open and fill the air with scent.

It's supposed to be another cold one tonight - I hope you all keep warm, I shall be found in front of the fire with my knitting :-)