Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pom Pom Tiddley Pom

A few weeks a go I decided I wanted a pom pom garland for my stairs this year instead of the green fake one I've used before.

First I bought the wool, in semi Christmassy colours

I knew there was a quick way of making several pom poms at the same time, much quicker than wrapping round cardboard that I used to do as a child.  I tried making a frame out of an old wire coat hanger but it was a bit hazardous with the hook so I bought  frame from multipom.

You wrap the wool around the frame and then tie it at equal distances - I wrapped 110 times and made 4 pompoms at a time

Then you cut in the middle of each tie, do a bit of trimming and fluffing up, and voila, pompoms!

I then threaded them together to make a garland.

Now they are tied onto my stairs (with the ends tucked well out of sight to avoid becoming a cat game!)

I chose the colours not just to match the chair but also to co-ordinate with the vintage glass baubles that I brought back from Mum and Dad's one weekend, treasures found in the loft.

They are now hanging on the tree, along with some modern ones.

It's slightly wonky, but who cares!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant 2016