Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Kind of Saturday

Today was my kind of Saturday:
Should have hoovered - didn't
Should have dusted - didn't
Should have cleaned the bathroom - didn't
Should have gone shopping - didn't

So what did I do you might ask?  I gardened, that's what I did, all day!  I cut back, I weeded, I divided, I fed, I swept leaves and cleared the winter debris.  I found tiny shoots emerging all over the place and spring flowers and buds about to burst:

Anenome Blanda

Unknown variety of Daffodils



White Lilac bud

Ornamental Rhubarb bud
Did I get everything done in the garden that I wanted to? No - there are still weeds to weed and seeds to sow, and I haven't even started on the veg garden...
Am I bothered that I haven't done any housework?  No - just don't come round when it's sunny then you won't notice the dust!