Friday, June 17, 2011

A Rainbow of Colours

It's raining here today, and the sky is very grey so I thought I'd cheer things up with a rainbow of colours from the garden (taken on a sunnier day!).

RED - forgotten variety of strawberry!

ORANGE - Runner Bean 'Enorma' flowers
YELLOW - Sisyrinchium

GREEN - Rudbeckia Occidentalis 'Green Wizard'

BLUE - Delphinium Magic Fountains 'Dark Blue Bee'

INDIGO - Aquilegia vulgaris 'Miss M.I. Huish'

VIOLET - Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'
There - now that's better than grey skies isn't it?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Greens - 3rd Attempt

I've been playing with textiles again, trying to create something inspired by the greenness of spring.  I know we're nearly in summer but it's taken me a while to get something I'm vaguely pleased with!  My first attempt ended up being cut up although bits of it were embellished into number two (whose fate is still being decided).  But one evening last week I just started to fiddle with some scraps that I'd got left over from the previous attempts and produced this little piece:

Spring Greens

The background is left over silk and scrim that I'd dyed in the microwave, with a silk carrier rod stitched on using the flower stitcher.  I'd made the tyvek bead earlier in the week and stitched it on adding some beads.  It's only tiny (4" x 2.5"), and rather "random" but I prefer it to any of the previous (more planned) attempts!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blowsy Blooms

This week my peony has opened.  Not many buds (actually only two have made it to the flowering stage, but that's double last year so I'm reasonably pleased!).  It's very blowsy, but also looks delicate and subtle in its shades of white with a hint of pale pink:

Peony Shirley Temple

Peony Shirley Temple

But it's not all tasteful and subtle here at the moment as this oriental poppy has also opened:

Oriental Poppy Garden Glory

I don't usually do orange in the garden, but this is more salmon than bright orange and it does bring a splash of colour onto the patio.   I love its frilly edges.

Oriental Poppy Garden Glory
You can't beat a bit of blowsiness occasionally can you?!