Sunday, March 28, 2010

Compost shouldn't be stressful!

Now these might not be the prettiest of compost bins, but they do the job well.  They were made out of bits of an old fence, and no, I didn't have a plan, they just evolved.  They were built to replace a temporary compost heap we made when I first moved in.  A local grass snake loved that heap, but I didn't love him.  He caused me to shake every time I went near it, and don shoulder length aquatic gloves (for some reason they made me feel safer!).  He's left now, but last weekend I spied a baby rat leaving these bins at high speed.  I've done a lot of prodding and I don't think he's returned or left any friends in there - only time will tell I guess.  No-one told me compost could be this stressful!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"You should start a blog"

"You should start a blog" said my friend Fran (over at Impasto Studio) as she listened to the latest tale concerning my garden compost (more to follow on that another day), so here I am.  Or maybe that should be "here we are" as I am generally ably assisted by two cats who let me pretend to be in charge, when we all know that really they are.

 I hope you'll enjoy our tales from Suffolk - tales of the garden, of animations and life in general.