Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's only taken 9 years ......

When I moved here (9 years ago) I took one look at the glass door between my lobby and living room and said 'that will have to go!'

Now there was nothing particularly wrong with it, it was just wrong for the house - all the other doors are four panelled victorian wooden ones, stripped pine downstairs and painted upstairs.

And it was like sitting in a room with a very long window - in the winter it had to have a heavy curtain over it, and I hated it.

So this year I bought a new one.  Well a new to me, old one.  And new handles and a new rim lock.

And today the lovely Graham fitted it for me.

It needs a coat of wax - but it looks so much better.  And even better still, it's a door, not a window pretending to be a door!