Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Treat to Myself

I've treated myself.  I've been a fan of Angie Lewin's work for a long time; I have her book, Plants and Places, and have often bought cards (usually to give to other people) so I ordered one of her limited edition screen prints.

When it arrived it was even more stunning in real life than I could have imagined.

It went off to the framers and on Saturday I collected it, and hung it in my living room.

It gives me great pleasure every time I look at it and cheers up the greyest of raining days.

And I've started some new knitting - I'm really loving the colours in the pattern.

Have a good week!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

More Treasures from Mum's Loft!

Yesterday, whilst putting Mum and Dad's Christmas stuff back into the loft for them, Mum suggested that we brought her Mum's jewellery boxes down and had a look. I'd been waiting for her to suggest that since I first realised they were there in the summer.

We found lots of brooches:

My granny loved flowers but this brooch, made from china, doesn't look as though it's ever been worn.

More flowers, this time in a white metal posy holder (I'd spied this one when I had a little peek in the box in the summer).

I love this filigree butterfly

and this enamelled brooch.  At one time during the afternoon I was wearing most of them at the same time!

We found lots of necklaces - most of which I tried on, not all at the same time though!  The glass test tube we think must have belonged to my Mum's brother, who died in his 40s, and who had various chemistry sets as a child.

We also found earrings (all clip on) and buckles and more brooches.  Mum remembers her Mum wearing one of these on a black hat - she must have looked very stylish.

We also found this lovely silver bracelet, hallmarked from 1937 and Granny's engagement ring.

I suggested that Mum should keep the jewellery boxes downstairs and wear some of the pieces, but she didn't want to so we packed them all away again.  But before we did that she said I could have one piece - what a hard decision.  I almost chose the filigree butterfly brooch, but in the end I decided on this 1950's plastic necklace.

I know I will wear it lots and lots.