Sunday, March 28, 2010

Compost shouldn't be stressful!

Now these might not be the prettiest of compost bins, but they do the job well.  They were made out of bits of an old fence, and no, I didn't have a plan, they just evolved.  They were built to replace a temporary compost heap we made when I first moved in.  A local grass snake loved that heap, but I didn't love him.  He caused me to shake every time I went near it, and don shoulder length aquatic gloves (for some reason they made me feel safer!).  He's left now, but last weekend I spied a baby rat leaving these bins at high speed.  I've done a lot of prodding and I don't think he's returned or left any friends in there - only time will tell I guess.  No-one told me compost could be this stressful!


Magic Cochin said...

They look like very organised compost bins.

Welcome to blogland Su :-) I think you must be in my neck of the woods.


Maggie said...

Now I hadn't given a thought to snakes in the compost bin until now... and now I have I'm too scared to go down the garden!!!
Our compost bins were built from large thick wooden crates we got for nothing, which is why we have such nice-sized bins! In fact, all the raised beds are also made from heavy duty wood we got for nothing ... like many people who have gardening and crafty blogs, I DO like to make summat out of nowt!

Su Harris said...

Thanks Celia and Maggie for finding me - I hope this is the beginning of an interesting journey into blogland

Maggie said...

Now those blue gloves sound right up my street, IF you've got them decorated with maribou feathers???
Thanks for calling in, hope to see you again.
Maggie at laburnumcottage

Cottage Garden said...

Welcome to Blogland Sue! I also live near a small market town in Suffolk - are we neighbours!!

Look forward to getting to know you and your adorable cats.


Su Harris said...

Thanks Jeanne, I've enjoyed reading about the adventures of Jess and Bobbi recently, cats are such fun aren't they.

marigold jam said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I came over to see who you are and had to laugh at your blog about the compost bins since we have spent this afternoon emptying ours and moving them to a different area of the garden! Not a job to attempt when wearing anything other than old clothes!! Love your cats too - we have two moggies and Tom used to sit on the top of the compost bin watching something when we lived in France - I don't know what lived in the compost there but whatever it was it kept him amused for hours! I will be following your blog with interest now I have found you>