Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Greenhouse Friend

It's been really cold here the last few nights and yesterday afternoon at 5pm the thermometer in the greenhouse was showing -1C. Time to light the paraffin heater!  I have to use a paraffin heater as the greenhouse is over 150ft from the house and has no electricity installed.  Not that I mind having to use a paraffin heater - infact I love it, I just love the smell of paraffin!  It's no hardship having to walk down the garden each morning to turn the heater off, as the smell wafts towards me as I get to about the pond.  I don't know if the neighbours appreciate the subtle smell which must permeate into their gardens too, but they've never said anything.  I know my friend Fran shares my love of this "unusual" smell, as does my Dad (who was once known to try and make toast with a paraffin blow torch!) but I wonder how many of the rest of you do too?  I'm guessing it's probably abit like marmite - love it or hate it!  

 My trusty friend


marigold jam said...

Maybe you have never had nothing more than a paraffin heater to keep you warm in winter otherwise the smell might bring back memories of hard times and be less pleasant! On the other hand maybe being nice and warm in the house now the smell could be said to remind how lucky I am now and thus be a good smell. But in answer to your question I have to say No I don't like it!!


Julie said...

Reading your post I can smell the smell of our old greenhouse years ago where my then husband used to grow his prize cacti. It was a somehow comforting smell and I too am familiar with the daily ritual of lighting and extinguishing the heater. :-) Not to mention the old round heaters that my Nan burned to heat the kitchen when we were children.

Jo said...

I only use my greenhouse to overwinter plants during the winter months so I don't use a heater. I make sure the plants are tucked up in fleece, but I don't know if that will be sufficient this year with the cold temperatures we've got at the moment. Perhaps I should invest in a paraffin heater.