Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Kind of Saturday

Today was my kind of Saturday:
Should have hoovered - didn't
Should have dusted - didn't
Should have cleaned the bathroom - didn't
Should have gone shopping - didn't

So what did I do you might ask?  I gardened, that's what I did, all day!  I cut back, I weeded, I divided, I fed, I swept leaves and cleared the winter debris.  I found tiny shoots emerging all over the place and spring flowers and buds about to burst:

Anenome Blanda

Unknown variety of Daffodils



White Lilac bud

Ornamental Rhubarb bud
Did I get everything done in the garden that I wanted to? No - there are still weeds to weed and seeds to sow, and I haven't even started on the veg garden...
Am I bothered that I haven't done any housework?  No - just don't come round when it's sunny then you won't notice the dust!


Mag said...

Oh, absolutely! My kind of any day! It's just that the catching up with indoor chores is no fun! Such pretty bits of your garden! I'm amazed to see the lilac - I must have become accustomed to this extended winter we're having.

marigold jam said...

Much better use of time I'd say! Who cares about a bit of dust anyway? That lilac is well advanced isn't it?

Jo said...

Housework can wait, that's what I say. I love primroses, one of my favourite flowers, they look so delicate.

Anonymous said...

Oh for a little bit of your stamina and energy, then I could share time in the garden with my other half, come in weary and longing for a bath and tea, which would already be cooking in the oven of course so there was nothing for my aching body to worry about! Sadly, this is no longer possible, I can only potter and watch from a window.

Cottage Garden said...

My sentiments exactly Su!

Lovely springlike snippets - my lilac is almost budding too.

Wasn't it lovely today.


Anna said...

Sounds the perfect recipe for an enjoyable Saturday Su and after all the housework isn't going anywhere :)

potterjotter said...

Oh dear, I must get out and do all this stuff! You have inspired me and I will definitely, 100%, positively, actually, do it this weekend. Otherwise we'll be sitting in a dead garden all summer! Yours looks lovely.

The Flower Garden said...

That sounds like my kind of day. When the weather is bright it's good to be outside, housework can wait. I love all the flowers that are coming up at this time of year.
Jo x