Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Mini Makeover

When I moved here I was thrilled that I had a conservatory.  It's not large and there is no barrier/door between it and the kitchen.  This is great as it brings light and space into the kitchen but also means that  it's on view the whole time.  I use it as a space to do the messy parts of textile art, the printing and dying etc but, not being the tidiest person in the world, this means I can see all the gubbins from the kitchen.  On Saturday morning it looked like this

The mirrored walls make the mess look twice as bad

and I couldn't stand it any longer!

I went out and bought lidded storage boxes, oilcloth, and 2 fabric remnants.  I tidied, cleaned mirrors, found spiders, and made cushion covers.  I painted the lampbase with a match pot I found whilst tidying up and bought a new lampshade.  And voila - a nice room to sit in!

My messy art stuff is all in boxes under the table and the new cushion covers mean that this area is tied into the rest of the kitchen rather than being full of old mismatched bits.

I've put all my brushes and special bits like seed heads, shells and feathers into glass pots on the shelf above the original window.

And now when I stand in my kitchen this is the view I have into my conservatory - much nicer!

And if you're wondering about the apples in the trug, some have now become these -

Apple Muffins! All ready for a meeting I'm running tomorrow.  I find meetings always go better if cake is involved :-)


Fading Grace said...

Looks so lovely now, its very therapeutic having a tidy isn't it :-)
those muffins look delicious x

Gina said...

A very impressive make over. It looks lovely.

Magic Cochin said...

Wow! You have been busy!!!
I always think it best to let the mess really built up before clearing up - the transformation is much more noticeable and more satisfying!
Celia xx

Anna said...

Oh Su what a transformation - you must be delighted.
Love the new cushion cover and the display area featuring your treasures. Cakes are the perfect recipe to ensure the smooth running of a meeting especially a Monday meeting.

Anonymous said...

Pretty oilcloth, and what a transformation, and as has been said, very therapeutic having a clear out, a tidy up. My husband actually cleared and tidied his little den yesterday - where he reads, builds a model railway and uses his computer, and it's visible from the landing in part. I hadn't even had to ask (nag) which made it all the nicer that he had done it!

Artist's Garden said...

What a transformation, looking through from the kitchen it looks so inviting and calm.

Errrr .... would you like to come and work your magic on my workspace now! :)

Jo said...

It looks wonderful, and it'll be used for more than your art now I bet. The cushions look great, and I love your lamp makeover. Now where did you say that meeting was? I could just pop in for one of those delicious muffins.

elaine rickett said...

I can understand the mess when you're busy and have lots of projects on the go, but now you'll know where everything is and it looks great, well done- it is just a case of keeping it like that - how long will the tidiness last I wonder!

Diane Kelsey said...

Love the makeover, and lucky people who are attending the meeting.

Toffeeapple said...

It looks lovely now, I especially like the spotty tablecloth.

Gretel said...

Ooh, that looks like a shot of the kind of magazine I like to browse and get room envy from, lovely and light, love the brick walls.