Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Walk Into Town

I needed a few things from town today but couldn't face the battle for car parking so I decided to walk.    First I walked through the churchyard at the end of my road and then down the long hill into town.

Past one of the three silk mills we have here (I didn't go in the shop this time, I'm waiting for the after Christmas sale!) and through the park.  

The totum pole is one of several in the town that were carved for the Millennium.

Then I arrived in the market hill where Thomas Gainsborough watches over proceedings from on high!

It was nice to see some mucky fen celery for sale, complete with root (we used to fight over who got to eat the root as children).

After I'd bought the few bits I needed I headed home but not along the road this time, instead I walked down this path to the river

where a swan was doing some preening and stretching!

The low winter sun and the still water made beautiful reflections.

 After crossing the railway line I was nearly home.

Back through the churchyard with its ivy covered gravestones and this funny little partially buried grave cross - I wonder whose grave it was marking.

Then through the kissing gate to home.

I hope you enjoyed the walk, next time I think I need to wear wellies as I did end up rather muddy!


meta said...

nice walk!

Toffeeapple said...

Such a lovely walk. Far better than trying to park somewhere.

The image of the Swan is glorious.

I was unaware of silk weavers in your area, same name as my maiden name.

Jo said...

A lovely walk. I much prefer a stroll, especially when there's so much interest about, than trying to find a parking space.

jan said...

I enjoyed that walk!

Celia Hart said...

You're lucky to live walking distance from a lovely market town centre - and as you have to carry everything home it stops impulse buying!

Even yesterday in the rain we chose to park on the outskirts of Cambridge (in a free parking road) and evade the car parks and buses!


Anna said...

With a long walk home back uphill, I imagine that you were relieved that it was just a few odds and ends that you went out for Su. A lovely walk for a winter's day and I oh so envy you your outdoor street market.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

That's my kind of trip to shops! x

Julie said...

A lovely walk Su and I would love to see the totem. We walked to town today too but failed to make a photo journal of it. It was an enjoyable walk though and took the stress out of grappling with busy roads and parking.

Miriam Weaver said...

I enjoyed that walk! If I walk into the village there are only cafe's well greasy spoons really and NO nice shops as we have a large T***o's and ever since they came the butchers etc have closed. I need to get out the car to visit any decent shops.

Gina said...

What a wonderful walk. Far nicer than taking the car.

Emma said...

Thanks for the walk, it's great to see where people live, armchair traveling with friends, lovely ;)


Beautiful evocative walk. That pic of the swan is just stunning. Happy Christmas! xCathy

Jo said...

Just popped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Su. Have a wonderful time over the holiday period.

Lynne said...

Hi Su, I arrived at your blog by way of Maggie, (and am bloggy friends with Cathy too! Small world!)

I noticed your mention of the silk mills, and wonder whether you might have use for some cones of very fine silk thread in various colours. I bought them when I was a member of Anglia Textile Works and did lots of experimental work......I find I stick mainly to very ordinary textile stuff these days!

I have a tote bag with about 6-8 cones. I don't want anything for them - truely - perhaps just the postage. But I would love to give them to someone who will make good use of them Maybe if they are no use to you there is someone you know who would like them?
And even if you can't use them, great post, and I shall be coming back to catch up with you again! Merry Christmas!

Lynne said...
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Susan said...

I found you via Ramblings from Rosebank. My grandfather once lived in Gainsborough's house in Sudbury. I live in Canada but grew up on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Still love that part of the world and can't wait to visit again.

Jo said...

Happy New Year, Su. All the very best for 2013.

crafty cat corner said...

I love this post, the walk looks great, so much better than the bus with all the germs flying around. Bet its a lovely walk in the summer.