Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Garden Visiting

Earlier on in the week Celia tweeted me asking 'do you fancy visiting Fullers Mill?'.  A quick google, a 'yes' reply and some provisional (dependent on the weather) arrangements were made.  Fortunately the weather today was good so off we set.

The 7 acre garden is on the banks of the River Lark just north of Bury St Edmunds, tucked away down a Forestry Commission track through the forest.

I loved the huge swathes of planting of one plant,  the bees really loved this gernanium (macrorrhizum I think)

and the alliums growing through the grass were very effective too.

All through the garden were beautiful colour and texture combinations

In the middle of the garden is a mill pond, which I didn't realise (until I got home and read the leaflet) would have originally have had a water wheel that powered mallets to pound locally made cloth to make it thicker and fuller (hence the name Fullers Mill).

Now the mill pond (just visible on the left of the picture below) has a beautiful range of planting around it (both Celia and I loved the dark Astrantia, Claret, and both wondered how they got it to flourish when neither of us could!).

I also liked how the shrubs had been pruned to enable paths and beds to be created under them

and the silver birches under planted with elaeagnus in the top garden were simply stunning.

It's a garden I want to revisit at different times during the year as I'm sure the planting is such to enable new plants to take over when the current ones are finished.  (Actually I'd quite like to live there as it was definitely my sort of garden, and the cake was rather good too!)


Celia Hart said...

Thank you for taking the lovely photos Su!

I was taking it all in without being distracted by my camera or phone... such clever planting ideas, I think I need to go back and make notes.

It's great o have found such an inspiring garden near to where we live.

silverpebble said...

Oh how beautiful and what a treat to have a trip out with Celia. I adore that astrantia too - they're one of my favourites

elaine said...

Lovely garden - glad you and Celia enjoyed your visit. Love the name of the river too it conjures up pictures of hot summers and wild swimming. If I am ever out that way it will definitely be on my visiting list.


This can't be very far from us, yet I never knew about it. Shall definitely visit this summer. Thanks. xCathy