Monday, November 18, 2013

No More Burnt Hands

A little while ago I was given a very cute little enamel saucepan with a metal handle - cue lots of 'ouching' as the handle gets very hot and using a tea towel to hold it is a bit risky as it tends to catch in the gas!

So at the weekend I had a lovely few hours sifting through fabric scraps to and sewing them together to make a pot holder.

A mix of vintage and new,

quilted, backed and edged.

No more burnt hands

and it looks rather nice hanging up too.

I also made this card for my Dad's birthday, from silk tops and threads worked together on the embellisher with beads and wire hand stitched on.

I hope he likes it as the beads made it too thick for a standard stamp and it cost me a fortune to post it!


Toffeeapple said...

In the 60s, I had similar pans so I made sleeves for the handles. They stayed on whilst cooking and came off before washing up. Absolutely no chance of catching fire either.

Julie @Dragonfly Gems said...

I really like your pot holder.. it's so pretty :o)

Gina said...

Very pretty pot holder... and the card is delightful!

Anna said...

Not only practical but a most pretty pot holder Su which your fingers will no doubt appreciate :) I like the card too.

Pearly Queen said...

Pretty patchwork - I make my potholders in crochet - a double thickness of cotton - but I actually use them for my kettle which I put on the top of my wood-burner!


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I'm liking your pot holder - it looks really 'country' - and Toffee Apple's handle cover idea :)

Jo said...

I love those pans but they can be quite lethal. What a great solution the pot holder is, very pretty too.