Saturday, April 19, 2014

Everything's Coming Up Tulips

Over the last few weeks the tulips in the garden have been beautiful. Some I planted and know what they are like these:

Doll's Minuet

Black Parrot

Spring Green

I love how the rain makes them bend over and then they ping back upright in the sunshine

Others were here when I moved in so I have no idea what they are but I always love this purple one as it contrasts so beautifully with the exochorda above it.

When the sun shines these red ones in the front garden open right up to reveal their yellow centres.

Other just appear from nowhere.

Apart from taking photos of tulips and planting seeds not much has been done in the garden this week due to a certain black cat deciding to swallow some thread and the attached needle on Tuesday evening.  Cue emergency dash to vets where the needle (and thread) was removed from his throat under sedation.  He's recovered fine, it's taken me longer!

Whatever you're doing this Easter weekend I hope you have a lovely time (well mainly be avoiding needles!).


Miriam Weaver said...

Your garden looks lovely! Oh what a fright our pets give us, yours sounds like it gave you a nightmare of a time. It's something I dread. Until I got the dog I was very lax in where I left things, I do try my best but..... last week I came out of the shower in the morning to find her munching on a foil pack of headache tablets, luckily she'd not actually eaten any. But I did freak out slightly until I'd pieced the bits back together. So no expensive trip to the vets for us. Hope your kitty is ok now, but bet it's got a sore throat.

Janneke said...

That was a real frightening week with the accident of your cat, hope she has been recovered by now. Your tulips are so pretty, love them.

elaine said...

Do all your tulips come back every year - mine hardly ever do so they get thrown away. Seems such a shame. I love the lily flowered tulips, such a lovely shape.

Julie said...

Your garden looks beautiful. I'm glad your lovely cat is ok after his ordeal, it sounds very frightening for you.

Gina said...

Such pretty tulips. I'm so pleased your cat is okay!

Jo said...

Oh my goodness, what a fright your puss cat must have given you, I do hope he's better now. You've got such a wonderful variety of tulips in your garden, some real beauties. I have some in the garden which have been here since we moved in, over twenty years ago. I usually grow some in a container too, but I didn't bother this year and I'm really missing them.

Maureen Heywood said...

I am green with envy over your gorgeous tulips - lucky you!