Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Reluctant Day Out

Earlier on this week my neighbour knocked on the back door "I'd like to go to the Hadleigh Show on Saturday, do you want to come to with me?" she asked.  Now what was going through my head was "not really, I'd much rather spend the day in the garden, and it's quite expensive isn't it" but what came out of my mouth was "well if it's a nice day it might be quite nice"! Arrangements were made that we'd leave here at 10am if it was nice.

Today dawned, beautifully sunny and by 9.30am it didn't look as though she was even up so I thought I'd got away with it and we wouldn't be going. I started digging compost into my runner bean bed but a few minutes later she appeared and off we went.

I've never been to a country show and I have to admit that, despite my reluctance to be dragged away from my garden, it was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

We saw lots of rural crafts, stonemasons and woodcarvers as well as the willow weaver and spinners.

We watched a stunning falconry display (no photos they were too fast!) and a display of working sheepdogs herding ducks!

This actually wasn't as daft as it sounds and the trainer talked about how he took rescue dogs and trained them by working with their natural instincts and how our energy fields affect animals.

There were donkeys,

sheep of all different sizes and shapes - some native to Suffolk,

and some from further afield (Wensleydale),

as well as cows and a large range of poultry.

There were some super local food producers, I bought some gorgeous blue cheese from Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses but I have to admit the food tent was too crowded for me to enjoy so I didn't explore it fully.

Desperate for a cup of tea we then headed off to a wonderful local nursery that I frequent quite regulary, The Place for Plants, for a cuppa and some obligatory plant purchasing (not too many in my case as I'm planning to go to my other favourite local nursery, Paugers Plants, next week).

All in all it was a lovely day, and I'm very glad I went, even if I am slightly sun burnt!


Celia Hart said...

That looks like a proper country show, I'm pleased you enjoyed it. And Suffolk Blue cheese is one of my favourites! I haven't got my compost on my runner bean bed - I ended up spending 2 hours cleaning the village church!

Jo said...

That looks like my idea of a good day out. I often find I enjoy things more if I'm not looking forward to them.

Iz said...

I love a proper country show. Did you not buy any fudge? I thought it was obligatory!

Toffeeapple said...

Oh, I love a good country show and that one looks like it was.

Cottage Garden said...

Su, I love Paugers Plants. Only discovered it last year when a friend told me about them. Lovely little set up. I also frequent Place for Plants quite often too!

Glad you enjoyed the Country Show in the end.