Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The March of Summer

The builders are working next door (and in a terraced house 'next door' is very close) so I've been escaping as much as possible. Yesterday I decided to leave the brick dust and blaring radio and headed off to Arger Fen, my favourite local wood.

Despite it being the school holidays there was hardly anyone about (they all probably knew it was about to rain, I clearly didn't!).

There were lots of wild flowers about: thistles, hawkweed, rosebay willow herb and greater stitchwort amongst others.

But there were also signs that summer is moving ever onward: teasels, blackberries (quite a few of which came home with me), elder berries, rose hips and sloes.

I walked to the large pond

(not actually a part of Arger Fen reserve but very beautiful) where I sat and watched dragonflies darting and swallows flying high.  This is when the heavens opened and I got very wet as I was a good way away from cover and by the time I got back to cover it had stopped raining!

If you want to see where I escaped to last week hop over to Celia's blog to read about our day out in London.


Frances said...

Su, too bad that you got caught in that rain, but what a beautiful green (and flowery) place you found to escape from that unwelcome noise.

I can report that my own noisy conditions around my apartment building seem to be winding down.

As you probably already know, I've seen Celia's report of that visit to London, and traded comments about the exhibits.

Thank you for these beautiful photographs of the deep, mature, late summers greenery. Very rich these tones are.


Mystic Quilter said...

What a lovely walk you had. So lovely and green over there at the moment, and thanks so much for showing your photo of a teasel, I have always loved these.

Gina said...

Such a beautiful walk that I imagine it was worth getting caught in the rain. Your photographs are fabulous.

Janneke said...

You had a lovely walk in Arger Fen, exactly the kind of walks I like doing with Snarf every day. were caught by the rain, that´s all in the game. Since a week we have lots of showers too.

Paula @ Blooms 'n' Spades said...

What a beautiful place for a walk. I'm sure it looked just as lovely in the rain, especially with the pretty wild flowers around.

Anna said...

How lovely to be out in beautiful countryside, great photographs.

elaine said...

There is definitely a touch of je ne sais quoi about this time of year isn't there - it makes you want to get out and be amongst it before it all changes as the year draws on. A beautiful walk with stunning scenery. Shame about the rain.

NancyL said...

love your photos