Sunday, June 28, 2015

Half Finished.

Hello, I'm still here, just running hard to keep up with life and in a state of half finishedness in lots of things.

A few weeks ago I decided to prune the 'hedge' of eleagnus, cornus kousa and choisya but couldn't bring myself to cut the cornus as it was about to flower - so I have a half pruned hedge with a large tree growing out of one side!

Not sure if you can see it on this picture but it's the tall shrub with white bracts on in the middle at the back, what you can't see is the large gap to the right of it where the rest of the 'hedge' used to be!

The bracts are beautiful but almost impossible to see from anywhere apart from my study window as they are so high up!

I also have a half finished stairs and landing - I ripped the carpet up a few weeks ago and have so far sanded, filled and undercoated.


half finished
I can't paint the floor properly until the decorator has painted the walls, ceiling and woodwork etc.

But the roses have finally come out properly, so I'll leave you with a few beauties from last week:

William Shakespeare

Lady Emma Hamilton

The Generous Gardener

Fighting Temeraire

Now tomorrow I have an appointment a conference involving a new frock and these little beauties by Kurt Geiger.

Do I have a shoe habit? You bet I do.  Do I care? Not one little bit!


Celia Hart said...

You have been busy!
I'm sure your shoes will put you in a confident frame of mind for the conference.

And I love those cornus with the white bracts, wonder where I can fit one in to our garden x

Mystic Quilter said...

Love your stairs and landing even if the job is only half done! I am so keen on painted floors and would love to do this at our place - but I have some opposition from the husband!! The Generous Gardener I haven't seen before so I;m pleased you have a photo in your post and of your other garden delights - including those awesome shoes!! Happy conference.

Emma said...

The hedge will have to wait till those beautiful bracts have done their bit - first thing I learned in gardening was 'prune after flowering' I've been catching up with all the excitement at yours, hat a wonderful birthday & your parents looked great. Your garden is just beautiful.

Janneke said...

Your stair and landing look already nice only half finished..... With a house and a garden there are always projects, one is not yet finished and the other is already there. That Cornus is a beauty in your garden and I think the rose Fighting Temeraire is wonderful too. Lovely shoes, together with a nice dress you will feel free and confident on the conference.

Jo said...

They may be half done but there's only half left to do now. Lovely shoes, I wish my feet would allow me to wear shoes like that, I'm all for comfort these days.

Frances said...

Su, any conference at which a pair of beautiful red shoes is present has got to be a fine assembly.

Seems to me, from looking at this post that you've been very busy for this time of the year. Isn't summertime supposed to be when the living is easy? Kidding you a bit...all you've been up to looks full of productivity. I have no idea what those plant names are...couldn't match them to the plants/shrubs if my life depended on it. But...I love the sound of the names, and the look of their group photograph.


Anna said...

I hope that you are taking it easy in this heat. Those half-finished tasks will not go anywhere. Beautiful roses Su especially 'William Shakespeare'. I've never been able to indulge in high heels even when I was much younger :( The only consolation is that I'm relatively tall.

Jane Hoehoegrow said...

Good luck with completion of the half finished tasks ! Everything in the house has to wait until the Autumn, with us, I'm afraid! It has no chance against the garden!

You have so many beautiful roses - I love 'Fighting Temaraire' and 'Wm Shakespeare ' Just gorgeous!
I can't do high heels so will have to enjoy them vicariously through you ! Enjoy!

vintagerockchick said...

I saw a Cornus 'flowering' on my last visit to Hopleys Nursery in Much Hadham and made a point of asking what it was - it was spectacular - and yours is too.
As are the shoes!