Saturday, February 20, 2016

Three Days Off

Some of you will know that I started a new job in September.  I'm enjoying it but it is very full on (isn't any new job) and, combined with fortnightly trips to Norfolk to my parents, leaves me very thankful for the free time that I have.

This week I took 3 days off from work, and have enjoyed some 'me time'.   I've done some more knitting.

It's been quite a phaff getting the colours right as I changed them from the original.  I've unpicked several sections more than once, but I'm pleased with it now.

I've walked by the river and managed to see my first ever kingfisher.

On one day I met Celia for lunch and a wander round Risby Barns where I bought these two pieces, a little Poole poetry vase and the bigger green vase which is Kensington (part of the Stoke on Trent potteries).

Today I walked back to the river, quite early, in the hope of finding more kingfishers.  I didn't find them,  possibly because the rowing club were practicing,

but I did see a flock of firecrests in the trees, really close, their bright orange head stripes almost glowed! And a flock of siskin (no photos of either).

But best of all I heard the water rail squealing away.  I knew they were on that particular island but had never heard them before.

Back to work on Monday!


Celia Hart said...

I was good to see you the other day, what a treasure hunt we had :-) And at last you've seen a Knigfisher!
I'm not aware of having seen a water rail, they are lovely looking birds, I'll have to listen for the distinctive squeals.

Jo said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time off, it sounds like you had a lovely time knitting and walking. Kingfishers can be quite elusive and sometimes it's just a glimpse of colour you catch as they dart about, you have to be quick. How lovely to see one at last. I've never even heard of a water rail, though I'm not very good with water birds, I can just about recognise a duck.

Mystic Quilter said...

Wonderful Fair Isle knitting - you must have the patience of Job to do this! Aren;t kingfishers true beauties - we have lots around at the moment I hear them calling almost constantly some days. You're so lucky to be near such beautiful areas for walking.

busybusybeejay said...

I am very impressed with the Fair Isle knitting.I once did a tank top.It was a Kaffe Fassett kit and I still have it.I have never seen a kingfisher.Lucky you.

TrishWish said...

Crickey what complex knitting. My mother and aunts used to do stuff like that but I never got the knack; I sew instead. Well done you have to be quick of eye to catch kingfishers!

Toffeeapple said...

Water Rail, Siskin and Fire Crest - you hit the jackpot! No matter how many times you see a Kingfisher, they are always a treat.

How lovely that you spent some time with Celia too, and bought treasure. Back to work feeling refreshed, I hope.


I just love your knitting - the colours are wonderful and I personally would wear that! Really gorgeous! Hope the new job settles down. xCathy