Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, or Two

We're very excited as we're getting our own Mrs Tiggle-Winkles - two to be precise.

Hedgehogs are in serious decline and our gardens here don't have any access to them for hedgehogs to find us so my neighbours had a bright idea. They contacted a hedgehog rescue centre and asked if we could be considered to re-home some injured ones that aren't ever going to be able to be released into the wild.  The lady (rather tall and formidable) came and assessed us and said that we could have two.  They will either be one eyed or 3 legged - many hedgehogs are injured in road accidents or by strimmers etc, but as we have safe gardens with no lawns to need strimming or any chemicals used by any of us, we are ideal candidates!

One neighbour has been very busy digging tunnels under our fences

and cutting hedgehog sized holes in them (the size of a CD apparently), so that they can roam freely between the three gardens.

I didn't know that they can roam up to a mile each night, but the lady was happy that between our three gardens we'd have plenty of space for them.  Mine is the middle garden and I'm really hoping they linger and eat all the slugs and snails.

They arrive next week sometime I think - we're all very excited!

In other news this tulip is currently my favourite.

It's tulip Menton from Peter Nyssen and has done really well.

Also, these irises have opened today - don't they look gorgeous with the rain drops on them.

I've no idea what variety they are as they were here when I moved here, they're quite short.

Sadly several of my other irises are suffering from slug damage - but that will all change when the Mrs Tiggy-Winkles arrive :-)


Celia Hart said...

This is so exciting!

I haven't seen a hedgehog for over 2 years now, they used to make nests in our garden (front yard and within the walled garden). Nothing here has changed ... so it's a puzzle why they aren't around any more.

btw Mrs Tiggywinkle was one of my favourite books when I was small - our next door neighbour said I looked like Lucy :-)

Jo said...

That's so exciting, not just that you'll have hedgehogs in your gardens but that they're VIPs (Very Important Prickly things) having been rescued. What a lovely idea releasing them where they're going to be safe, I don't suppose they'd last long if they were released just anywhere. We often see hedgehogs here, especially when taking Archie for his last walk on a night, they're often trotting along the paths or on peoples drives. I love the colour of that tulip and the irises are very pretty.

Frances said...

Su, your hedgehog news is very good. I would never have known that a hedgehog rescue group even existed. I'm now really looking forward to your evening photography.

Slugs beware. You are on notice!

That tulip really glows. Its colors really do make it a winner.

Over here we are entering into rose season. It seems a sudden entry, but maybe it's right on schedule.


Mystic Quilter said...

That's a great idea ford the hedgehogs. We usually see one or two in our garden when they wake up for their sleep, a large pad tree next door and a tall, long hedge make a beautiful thick bed for them.
Wonderful tulip and iris!

TrishWish said...

that Iris is a wonderful colour!


Oh my goodness, this must be the sweetest story I've read for a long time! What a joy to be able to look after a three-legged hedgehog! Wonderful! xCathy