Sunday, June 19, 2016

An Unexpectedly Long Walk!

My plan for this afternoon was to do a circular walk from home, past Cornard Mere, through the field to Henny, where I'd been tipped off about a kingfisher family.  A walk of about 4 miles in total - see route below.

It started very well.  I set off with a packed lunch and walked through the fields

where I was joined by loads of damsel flies and sky larks singing high above me.

I walked past Cornard Mere, where I could hear water rail squealing (I've still never seen one).

under the railway bridge, across a field to the River Stour at Henny where I sat on the bridge and waited for the kingfishers (they didn't turn up).

When I was ready to go home I realised that my route back across the field was blocked - by a very large and angry sounding bull.  

He was mooing loudly and pawing the ground and I didn't think it would have been a wise move to have tried to have got past him - a detour would be required!

The biggest problem was that I was now stranded on the Essex side of the river, a river with very few bridges, and I needed a route that would let me cross the river to get back into Suffolk. I had 2 options, to walk on the road from Henny to Sudbury, which is narrow with very steep banks in places, and quite busy with cars going to the Henny Swan pub, or to find another route.  

After consulting the OS map app on my phone I started walking into Essex.  It was beautiful, and I could see, right in the distance, the spire of the church at the end of my road.

After a while though the footpaths deteriorated

and at one point I was having to fight my way through nettles and deeply regretting the fact I was wearing shorts!

Eventually, and I mean eventually, I crossed the river and the railway again and found myself on a small road heading back to towards home.

When I finally got home (4 hours after first setting off) I tracked my detour.  The blue route below is my intended walk, the red one is what I ended up doing, (the spike off the right near the end was me visiting the co-op for an ice-cream!).

Instead of 4.1 miles I ended up walking 7.8, I just hope the stings on my legs stop stinging soon! 


Celia Hart said...

What a trek!

Someone has just said the bull looks fine and you should have patted him on the nose and walked past! But I would probably have done what you did.

crafty cat corner said...

omg, I bet you were glad to get home. I don't blame you for avoiding the bull though, I believe there were some people were trampled by cows in the news the other day, wise but lengthy move.

elaine said...

Oh dear, sorry but this did make me chuckle. I think I would have rather faced the bull than walk all that way. What an adventure though seeing things you wouldn't otherwise. Hope your legs have recovered now - thank goodness for phone maps eh. I liked that you veered off for an ice cream and that you thought to take some money with you. I never carry money when I walk, there's a lesson in there somewhere.

Amanda said...

I flag after 3 miles so I'm really impressed! Steep too in a few places looking at those contour lines. Hope the legs are better today.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I, too, wouldn't have been keen on annoying that rather large bull blocking the path. What a long walk though - bet the ice cream was very welcome

Frances said...

Su, that bull has got a lot to answer for. I am very impressed by your very long, even challenging, walk. It all started out so calmly!

Still, as you say, you were given the opportunity to see much more than you'd planned on a pretty June day.

Maybe you will treat yourself to a massage? xo

Toffeeapple said...

What a detour! A very wise move though I believe. I hope the stings are receding?


Goodness, what an old-fashioned kind of adventure that was! I would have walked twice that to avoid a bull - I'm very nervous about that kind of thing! Just to say, also, that your fairisle cardi is to-die-for gorgeous! the pattern, the colours, everything! soooooo nice! xCathy