Monday, October 17, 2016

A Cambridgeshire Feast!

My Dad was born and brought up in a village just north of Cambridge, Cottenham, which is part of the Fen Edge villages.  Every year, on the first Sunday after October 11th, they hold their annual Feast.  On the Sunday there's a parade that starts by the church and processes down the High Street, ending up at the green.  The first parade was held in 1894, so it's been going a while!  When I was little we used to go there every year for it, this is me, my little sister, my Dad and my Grandad in 1969, standing on the front step of my Grandad's house, eagerly waiting for the parade to go past.

Dad hasn't been for years but really wanted to go again, so yesterday we went.  We listened to the brass band play while we waited for the parade.

Then the parade came past - lots of excited children, some of whom had walked a long way, eagerly collecting money for local causes.

Aren't those jellyfish costumes clever!

There were a variety of vehicles towing trailers full of people - Dad was really thrilled to see this one, driven by an old friend of his!

After the parade had passed we all made our way onto the green.  Originally there was a service on the green once the parade arrived and somewhere I have a copy of a very long speech that my Great Grandad made during it sometime in the early 1900s (but I can't locate it at the moment!). There was no Salvation Army band playing like there used to be when I was little, so no hymn singing like we used to do, but lots of people milling about.  

Dad had a long chat with his old mate.

We also managed to find the people who now live in his old house and were thrilled to hear that the small holding behind it, in which my grandparents used to grow fruit for Chiver's and flowers for Covent Garden is still there! Although it's not used as a small holding anymore they still have a productive fruit and veg patch.

We all had a great day out!


Janneke said...

That were sweet memories and a great day out!

Jo said...

That sounds like a great day out. It's lovely when traditions are kept alive in this way.

elaine said...

O you were a little cutie, like a little doll. So glad your Dad enjoyed it and met his old friend - I bet it brought back many memories for you all.

TrishWish said...

My home town always had carnival parades like that. I do miss it.That sounds like a grand day out!

Frances said...

Dear Su, I admit that my eyes are a bit damp after seeing your post. The day that you were able to spend with your Dad, and the traditions that you all saw renewed, are so beautiful.

My late Dad, in Virginia, also liked to wear caps that your Dad.

Treasure your memories, as I am sure that you do. xo

Celia Hart said...

I'm so pleased the planned trip down memory lane was a success. I haven't been to my home village's feast for years, like you I remember the Salvation Army Band, hymns and buying fudge, humbugs and bandy snaps at the fun fair on the green. It's good the traditions still continue.

Toffeeapple said...

You seem to be in a dancer's pose in the first picture! What a tiny thing you were.

How lovely to be able to share such a day with your Dad, so glad that you could do it.

Gina said...

What a lovely joyful post and a super trip down memory lane for you and your Dad. Xx


Aah, sounds like a lovely day and it's so important to keep these village traditions alive. We had my 90 year old dad staying last week and he loves talking about the past, but still looks forward to the future! xCathy