Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Cats!

Today is my cats' birthday. Florence and Dylan were born 5 years ago to a young ferral cat and  they were  all taken to SESAW, an animal rescue centre, by a lady who had been feeding their mum.

This is them on the day I brought them home

This is them today


Over the years they have found some very special and "interesting" places to sit and sleep in, here are some of them. (The last picture is them with our old friend Lucky, who is no longer with us, but they all loved each other - most of the time!)


marigold jam said...

PS Meant to add that I wonder if I am the only person who has to vacuum the duvet cover as it is usually covered in cat hairs?!!


marigold jam said...

Not sure what happened to the first comment since I see my PS has been puvblished but the other one not! Anyway all I said was how lucky those cats are they certainly fell on their feet with you. Cats sleep in the darndest places don't they and we too have photos of ours in some strange places!

Jane x

Su Harris said...

Hi Jane
I have to vacuum the duvet (and the pillows!), and the sofa (cream sofa with a black cat wasn't one of my better ideas!). But I wouldn't be without them!

Maggie said...

Lovely cats... we have always had cats until our last one lost her fight with stomach cancer last year and I just don't want to go through that heartache again. But we never allowed them upstairs... they knew their place was downstairs or outside, never upstairs.

Jo said...

They've grown into beautiful cats. Happy birthday Florence and Dylan.

Magic Cochin said...

Why do cats like sinks?! Ours do too :-) and bags and boxes and rugs and jumpers and duvets.

Happy birthday to your lovely cats who have found a very very good home. My ginger and tabby studio assistants have just turned 4 and were found abandoned in a box - lucky me that Cat Protection took them in on the week I phoned to see if they had 2 kittens to adopt.


Cottage Garden said...

Happy Birthday to Florence and Dylan! They are so gorgeous and lucky to have found such a caring home with you Su.

My two kitties love boxes and newspaper. In fact, Jess's 'bed' is a box with her favourite snuggler inside and Bobbi sleeps on newspaper placed on the sofa. I pat it twice and she jumps up on it like a dog, turns round three times and promptly settles down! They like sinks too and Jess has a thing about the tops of doors which she perches on precariously!

My two are also from a re-homing centre and were 6 years old when we got them last Autumn. We missed out on the kitten years but It feel like they've been with us all their lives, they have settled in so well.