Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Pittosporum No More

When I moved in I inherited a very tall tree-like pittosporum, in the centre behind the table in the picture below.

before (2008) - doesn't the garden look narrow?

Over the last 2 years I've had to periodically cut branches off that were too low or causing too much shade.  This year I wanted to let more light into the garden without having to loose my lovely snake bark maple, so I decided the pittosporum had to go.  I used various brute force and ignorance techniques with extendable loppers, a step ladder and, once most of the height had been reduced, an electric saw.  It took the whole afternoon, and was much taller than I'd realised (between 15 and 20 foot), but I had a great feeling of satisfaction when I finally sawed through the trunk at ground level.  

I can't even attempt to get the roots out so I've painted the stump with stump killer.   This whole area of the garden is so much lighter now, and I hope that the plants will be much happier.  I will add some height with an obelisk that a clematis can grow up, but that's a whole other tale! 
after (Aug 2010) - no tree and the garden seems wider!


marigold jam said...

Looks lovely - just the sort of garden I'd like with so much growth at the sides which makes it look really private.


Jo said...

Your garden looks so different now. I think it looks much lighter without the tree, and much wider due to the fence being hidden with plants.

Cottage Garden said...

I think you did the right thing there Su - your garden looks so much lighter and you will have more options with your planting.

I bet you have muscles like Popeye now!


Gorgeous Things said...

Sounds like hard work - but sometimes drastic action is needed. It looks so much lighter now.

Anna said...

It's amazing what a difference removing plants can make. The pittisporum's demise will not only give you more light but will also stop the eye being drawn away from such a lovely looking sitting area. You must be delighted with the outcome Su.