Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Ferny Fascination

There are lots of lovely things in the garden at the moment, I'm especially proud of the blossom on my Japonica as last year it only managed one flower - now it's covered:

But what really fascinates me at this time of year are the ferns.  Initially they look so un-promising, just like a load of brown lumps, and then they start to unfurl:

Those tight little buds begin to reveal their secret centres:

Some of the fronds look as though someone has knotted them up and they're having to work hard to unravel themselves:

And then elegantly, they begin to uncurl themselves, like a hand slowly opening to reveal a precious gift:

Totally fascinating!


Jo said...

What a difference in your Japonica this year, so many more flowers. I've never had any ferns but I do agree that they're fascinating.

Felted House said...

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your message earlier - we're all still in shock at the moment so it's very hard. I loved looking at photos of your two - Archie was a great one for trying to sleep on my keyboard and kept trying to trip us up on the stairs too! I had thanked God for him every day and prayed for his safety, so it's very hard to find God has other plans for us, but I know there are many times in life that we can't find an answer to why we are allowed to go through particular trials.
I don't have very much time at all for blogging any more but will try and pop in to see how you're doing - I've been looking at ferns too this week waiting for mine to unfurl like yours are. Thanks again xx