Sunday, April 10, 2011

The First of the Clematis

The first clematis of the year have opened this week, a real sign that the gardening year is getting going.  I love these early flowered ones as they're so delicate.  I guess it's because they're not having to fight to be noticed, unlike the ones that flower later in the year when everything else is in full bloom as well.

I can see Constance from my kitchen window as she is climbing up the pergola by the first patio:

Clematis Alpina Constance
Clematis Alpina Constance

Further down the garden is Propertius, climbing up an obelisk which is also planted with a Penny Lane rose (and a later flowering clematis):

Clematis Macropetala Propertius
Clematis Macropetala Propertius

And at the front of the house Markam's Pink is winding its way through my Abraham Derby rose:

Clematis Macropetala Markham's Pink

Sadly, I think I've lost my clematis Armandii - if anyone knows how to bring it back from apparant death I'd love to hear from you...


Emma said...

Hello, welcome to my blog & thanks for joining & your kind comments!

These look fabulous, I've only got Montana buds, so far, we're a few weeks behind up here. It's been very wet recently but spring arrived ths weekend so I got some work done in the garden, more to do ;)

Jo said...

It seems the sunshine is bringing lots of flowers in to bloom. A shame about your Armandii, it's a lovely Clematis, I hope it's just pretending to be dead.

I am James. said...

Wonderful display, I havent got any clematis in my garden yet, Ill have to remidy that! Still Ive only been here 3 years and most of that time has been used to tame the weeds and get the place in shape.

Boxoftrix said...

Your Clematis are beautiful, you have captured their beauty so well, love the colours. Ihope you find the lost one x

Christina said...

When I was in the UK the slugs demolished my Clematis armandii every year - I think it was their favourite food! Here in Italy there are fewer slugs and C armandii flowered wonderfully for me this year, sadly all finished now for another year. Excellent images of the Macropetala. I think of them as being the real essence of spring. Christina