Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunsets, Froglets and a Blackberry.

I was told today that I had a "random brain".  Personally I don't think it is random, it's just that other people can't keep up with my train of thought (which is totally logical to me).  However this post is slightly random so maybe they have a point!

I thought I'd share a beautiful sunset that we had here the other night.  The change from orange to pink was quite stunning.

A few evenings later this little fellow appeared outside my patio doors.  He looks big in the photo but was actually only about 1.5cm long (the leaf he's on is a tiny wild violet).  He must have jumped all the way from the pond (about 150 feet away) and didn't appear to mind my neighbour and I watching him for ages.  We were fascinated with his tiny, perfect feet!  

But I haven't just been watching the sky and baby frogs, I have been a little bit constructive too.  Courtesy of my day job I'm now the proud (?) owner of a blackberry - not the edible kind, but the phone kind!  As we've all got identical ones I needed a case to identify mine and rather than buy one I thought I'd make one.  Following a little research on the internet I decided on a design and after a lot of trial and even more error produced this one:

Even if my brain is "random" at least it livens up meetings, and if it doesn't then my blackberry case does instead!


Iz said...

I love the colours you've used here - very jolly!

Miriam Weaver said...

A random brain is good, it's what's makes us creative, and conversations with us interesting. Who wants to be ordered and boring?Oh yes almost forgot the blackberry pouch is great!!

Toffeeapple said...

What Miriam says is true, on both counts.

ted and bunny said...

thanks for pointing me in the direction of the the hypericum link, very kind.
Guess I'll never be depressed now!

We have frogs and toads in the garden but we have no pond or water anywhere.
The worst thing was seeing Martina the chicken catch one.
She was banging it on the ground trying to get it into a shape to swallow, but the frog thankfully stayed spreadeagled and refused to go in and we managed to rescue him!
He must've been a bit bruised but he hopped off into the undergrowth- Martina was MOST annoyed and had to have a teacake as compensation!

Love the phone cover
must just say my word verification is infrourg!!

Cottage Garden said...

I love your phone holder Su - what a clever idea.

Yes, random brains are the best and as we all know, us ladies can also multi-task to great effect!

Lovely sunset and a very cute little frog!


Magic Cochin said...

Was that sunset on Saturday? We saw a similar sky from Cottage Smallholders party. We're so lucky to get stunning skies around here.

What a smart phone pouch. I opted for a sort of armour plated box for my iPhone - which has proved very effective as it gets very rough treatment!


Clare Wassermann said...

I love your pouch - I want to make an iPad one!

Anna said...

Your 'random brain' produced a most interesting post Su. Enjoyed the changes in sky colour, smiled at your little frog and am full of admiration as ever at your creative skills. That case is so pretty and the button is a the perfect finishing touch. I want one - never mind the Blackberry!

crafty cat corner said...

Thanks again for the nice comment on my blog, it all keeps me going when I get doubts.
Random Brain ? That must be what I've got, everyone thinks I am potty as I dance about from conversaion to conversation with my mind going all over ther place, I always seem to have so much going on in there and not enough time to execute it all. lol

Linda said...

Gorgeous photos and cute frog.
I had a debate with my mum today re:the beauty of frogs (she wasn't in agreement with me sadly). We found a rather large one on her rockery.

Lovely case....kind of blackberry coloured? ;-)