Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little Gems

Some of you will know that when I moved here three years ago the garden was rather neglected as it had been rented for two years to non-gardeners.  In fact ivy ruled!  But the owner was a passionate plants' woman and some of her special plants somehow managed to survive the neglect (and the ivy).  This is one of those special surviving plants - a real little gem:


It was one of the first "gems" to flower that first year, and has multiplied since so I have about four in flower now.  I think I've identified it correctly, but if you know exactly which variety it is then please let me know...

Also in flower this weekend is my dierama which I planted the first summer I was here and it has stubbornly refused to flower since - until now that is, and it was worth the wait:


(Apologies for the not brilliant picture, you'll have to trust me that it looks lovely, but it's on the far side of the pond and is slightly difficult to photograph, even with the zoom, without risking falling in!)


marigold jam said...

What a stunning plant that purple one is. It can be so satisfying discovering what a garden is really like when you take over a new house can't it?

You would be most welcome to join me for a cuppa but as you say it is rather a long way to come for a cup of tea!!

crafty cat corner said...

Thanks sue for the comment on the buttons, I don't always find good things but I always go hoping, this week was a good one.
Have been going through your past posts and love the flowers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your help with identifying the plants on my latest post... of course, as soon as I read 'ox eye daisy' I nodded wisely as that was the name I had been struggling to dredge up and came up with dog daisy instead! And pleased to have the name of the grass, I love it for some reason. And what an intense, gorgeous colour that plant of yours is, never heard of it before but it's certainly an eye-catcher.
Best wishes,

Anna said...

Su, I think that I have the identical roscoea lurking in a coldframe - bought it many years ago but never planted it. Will see if there is a label lurking about somewhere and get back to you.

Su said...

Thanks Anna that would be great. Also I'm so pleased someone else has plants lurking that they've not got round to planting - makes me feel better about my ones behind the greenhouse!