Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Then Came The Jolly Summer

Last week, while I was waiting and generally getting side tracked, I noticed a rather nice pattern had appeared on a piece of fabric I'd placed under some garden fleece I was painting (don't ask!) to catch the excess paint.  The fleece experiment wasn't a success but I fiddled around with that bit of fabric as it seemed to have flowers on.  I cut and stitched, and added some organza.  I painted some handmade paper and stitched the fabric on.  I used my new lumiere paints that I got from my recent visit to Art Van Go

Jolly Summer - 17cm x 21cm
The text is from The Fairie Queene (Edmund Spenser) because it seemed quite a jolly piece, especially when the sky was grey over the weekend.  I'm not actually sure how much I like it, but my neighbour does so I thought I'd share it anyway! (And is it a textile piece, or is it really mixed media, or doesn't it really matter? It all gets very complicated at times!)

The sun is back now - let's hope it stays awhile this time!


Toffeeapple said...

Does it matter how it is described? It is a beautiful piece.

LaziDazi said...

Loads of texture and subtle colour accents - lovely.

Cottage Garden said...

A lovely piece Su. You have prompted me to seek out some Edmund Spenser poetry.


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful... I am in awe of people like you who can do this wonderful arty stuff...x
Maggie @ mrsrunofthemills.blogspot.com

Jensters said...

Wow love this piece....beautiful colour too.