Saturday, September 10, 2011


Not a real one I'm afraid - a knitted one! Complete with beaded hundreds and thousands.  Not as tasty as a real one, but better for the waistline!


For Gina, that's why.  Pop over to her blog to find out more.


marigold jam said...

I've just signed up - thanks for the link. Love your little cake and so much nicer than a real one I'd say. I'll mention this idea to the ladies at Knit and Natter on Tuesday too.

Jo said...

What a fabbie cupcake, and for a great cause too. We've had our fair share of Cancer in my family, including myself.

Gina said...

It's fabulous Su. Thank you so much.

artymess said...

that's a very cute cupcake ........I've sent one too did you use Gina's pattern? mine turned out a bit different ....i think you are a much neater knitter than I am...I am a bit slapdash....ha ha ..xx

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Su
Although I love your cup cake, I love your candlestick make over more. It looks wonderful.