Monday, September 19, 2011

There's Something Wrong Here!

For some of each week I work from home.  I have a nice study which is quite roomy even though it also doubles as a sewing/work room, but today something has been wrong.  Someone else has been in charge... 
First of all I lost control of my chair (and my cardigan too).

No real problem, I got another cardigan and relocated to the floor.

(I'm sure that working on the floor probably breaks some working environment rule, especially when squeezed between the ironing pile and a pile of books!)

Unfortunately the pencil was deemed to be a "good game" and now I've lost control of the floor too!

Oh well, here's hoping that I have more success tomorrow!


artymess said...

Su i know this one !!!.......cats have to be in on
everything .....your cat looks like my Georgie..x

Jackie said...

Cats! Mine sleeps on my keyboard if I let him!

Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

Just popped by from Jo's the Good Life and had to leave a message as you seem to have paralleled my career path - I was a primary teacher for 26 years then moved on to the advisory service as an ICT consultant. Now I'm neither having recently retired.