Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beads and Quacks!

On Monday my neighbour tapped on the back door, holding a yogurt pot, an old jar and two old tins.  "I'm having a clear out," she said "can you use these?  They're left over from my college days."
"Ooh yes please," I replied, not even knowing what they contained but knowing that she did a textile degree.

And what did they contain?

All kinds of wonderfulness!  Old beads, new beads, old bits of jewellery, sequins, buttons and threads.

On a sadder note, her ducks (who personally wrote me notes and gave me eggs) met a very sad and brutal end on Friday night when a fox got into their run - no further details required.  We were both very upset and as she hadn't got any recent photos of them I decided to make her a little picture of them.  I had some of their feathers that I'd collected in the summer when they moulted and happily stitched away for a few hours.  But actually giving a textile picture to someone with a textile degree turned out to be harder than I'd imagined and I then spent several more hours getting colder and colder feet about it.  Eventually I plucked up some courage and gave it to her - fortunately she seemed genuinely pleased with it and quite touched that I'd spent the time making it.

Hinge (on the right) and Bracket (on the left)

Quack Quack!


Toffeeapple said...

Such a sad tale about the ducks but what a lovely thing you did, especially as you included the feathers.

Weren't you a lucky recipient of beads and things?

Miriam Weaver said...

The tins alone would have made me say yes! I'm very sad I know.. What a shame about the geese not a nice end, but your story about giving the picture to your neighbour made me smile, I'm sure she was delighted!

Miriam Weaver said...

Oops sorry ducks not geese!

Magic Cochin said...

How sad about the ducks. Friends in our village lost their whole flock of rare and unusual pure breed bantams to a fox a few weeks back - it's heartbreaking.

Your picture is delightful, the ducks have such character - I'm sure your neighbour is delighted with it.

I love old tins full of treasure!


Gilli said...

It is a sad story, with I hope, a happier ending. I'm sure she was delighted to have a little gift; given with thoughtfulness ;-)

elaine rickett said...

What a thoughtful gift and beautifully done too - the fox killed the last of my ducks a couple of years ago so I know what your neighbour is going through.

Gina said...

Sad about the poor ducks but a lovely gift to remember them by.

Boxoftrix said...

Thats a sad story, poor little ducks and a very thoughtful and lovely present

ted and bunny said...

Thankyou for you kind comment re the rug tools, nice of you to take the time.
The picture of Hinge and Bracket is perfectly wonderful; I should think she was really very touched- I know I would be.
I cooked supper the other night for some friends, one of whom was a chef and felt very trepidatious about it, but he said it was just wonderful that someone besides him was actually prepared to cook! (not sure if that was a compliment or not!)
Love your blog, once I correct the fact that I can't follow anyone, I'l be back more regularly!

Gilli said...

Su, today I have been awarded the Liebster Blog badge by Diana Taylor and I get to choose five blogs to nominate for the award myself - I wish to make you one of my choices. It is for you to decide whether to proceed, you thank me on my blog, copy the badge to your site and choose your five blogs, all need to have less than 200 followers.

Pearly Queen said...

For a very short time I had a little Crafts and Brocante shop in Le Doart - about 30km from where I live - which is the town where the surviving member of Hinge and Bracket (George Logan) now lives.