Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Nearly

My goodness it's February already, how did that happen?

I found my snowdrops this morning, hiding under some hellebore leaves.  I thought they'd disappeared (I think that every year, I really should learn!).  They're not quite flowering - but are so nearly.

Also so near to opening is this bud:

I think it's an Iris Reticulata.  I know I planted some last year, trouble is I thought I'd planted them in the front garden so I could see them when I came home each day and this one is very much in the back garden!  As there's no sign of any in the front garden I guess I thought one thing and did another!

Clematis Freckles

But these are definitely out and look so cheerful winding their way through the rose stems.


Toffeeapple said...

They look so pretty, I hope that the frost won't kill them off. I often wish that Hellebores would look up rather than down.

marigold jam said...

How pretty that clematis is. Must look out for one of those. I have just bought a few snowdrops in the green as mine seem to have disappeared but maybe like yours they are hiding! Plants do seem to come up in strange places and there is no knowing how or why - we had an amaryllis in our garden against the garage which we didn't plant so where did it come from? One of life's little mysteries. Maybe your iris didn't facy the front and moved to a more acceptable location on its own!!

Emma said...

Lovely, it's my dream to have a clematis that flowers every month, they do exist!

Jo said...

Your clematis reminds me of a helebore with it's bloom looking downwards. It's lovely to have some colour in the garden at this time of year, though anything which has managed to poke it's head through the soil here is now covered in snow.

elaine rickett said...

Everything is hidden under snow here too but before the snow there was still no sign of anything anywhere near to flowering.

Anna said...

Memory plays strange tricks on us Su :) You will now just have to get some for the front garden too. 'Freckles' is a beauty.

Boxoftrix said...

Perhaps the birds moved them when you were asleep :) I love iris but have never been very successful at growing/keeping them for any length of time.
I spotted some snowdrops today in our front garden I was so delighted to see them.