Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunshine and Fireplaces

What a difference a day makes!  All of the Easter weekend it was either cold, raining or both, and then today the sun came out and the sky was blue nearly all day.  I know we needed the rain, and I'm really grateful we had it, but being stuck indoors for all of the holiday weekend didn't help my mood.  I'm at my happiest when I'm in my garden, in fact if I had my time again I think I'd go for a career in horticulture, but today I made up for it and spent most of the day out there.

Amelanchier Blossom
But it wasn't all bad being stuck indoors as I managed to catch up on 3 episodes of Sex and Sensibility (not what it sounds honestly!).  I've always loved Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement and found the 2nd episode about Liberty's, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his very talented wife Margaret MacDonald totally fascinating. 

My house was built in 1905, and I'm fortunate to still have three of the original four fireplaces.  I've always loved them but I'm now looking at them in a different light, my own little bits of Art Nouveau. 

This one's in my dining room and has the original tiles too.  Sadly it's missing the bar thing at the front of the grate.  When I moved in it was painted in cream gloss paint and I was so excited when, several tins of nitromors later, its original glory was revealed!

This one's in my bedroom, and has a repeated, quite simple, stylised flower pattern on.

But this one is my favourite, even though it too is missing the bar thing.  It's really ornate, even the back of the hearth has the same pattern on.

I think I really must investigate getting the first two repaired, but I must find out what the "bar thing" is really called first - google here I come.

(If you didn't see Sex and Sensibility, all 3 episodes are still available on iplayer until 19th April)


elaine rickett said...

Your old fireplaces are wonderful - I expect you would have to pay a fortune for them in a salvage yard. It has been glorious today too but has just started raining again - well I suppose we are in the sunshine and showers month.

Gilli said...

You are very lucky to have such beautiful fireplaces..... although I have an inglenook, with the little 'salt' shelf and a solid 'lump' of oak across the 'mantle' and I wouldn't swop it for the world ;-)

Rustic Vintage Country said...

They are just fabulous. I've always loved Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts too, I must catch up with the last 2 episodes. Suzy x

Julie said...

I enjoyed the Art Nouveau programmes too and your fireplaces are beautiful. How lovely to have them in your home.

Iz said...

You lucky thing with all those fireplaces, I'd give anything to have just one! I'll have to iplayer those programmes, they passed me by completely, so thank you for the tip-off!

Magic Cochin said...

I must catch up with that series on iPlayer (but I suspect it will be repeated on BBC2 soon)

Your fireplaces are beautiful, I especially like the colour of the tiles. What treasures!

And did I dictate that 1st paragraph - it echoes my feelings exactly!!!


Maggie said...

Our first house when we lived in Norfolk originally in the 80s was the same period as yours and had bedroom fireplaces and the original one in the front room. Now we are in a 1930s and have one original fireplace only, in the book room/winter dining room, with the original tiles too. It looks at its best at Christmas with a fire lit and candles too.
I know you commented on my blog sometimes, so just to let you know, I am closing it down soon... a new one is being started, linked from the original mrsrunofthemills blog. Hope you might think about joining us?

The Gas Shop said...

I love Winter season, especially when my heater is right beside me.

Toffeeapple said...

Such beautiful fireplaces, why not ask at a reclamation yard what the bars are called? You might be able to replace them there too.

Anna said...

Your fireplaces are beautiful Su. Our house is new ~ well almost 25 years old but we treated ourselves to a Victorian cast iron fire place in the living room when the house was built - it has pride of place :) Like you if I could turn back time I would go for that career in horticulture.