Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Easter Stroll

Would you like to join me on a little stroll down my garden?  I'm afraid it's still looking a bit "winter sad" in places but there are some lovely blooms appearing if you look closely.  Shall we go then?

Just outside the back door Clematis Alpina Constance is starting to flower (about 10 days earlier than last year).

On your right you might spot the first bloom of Camellia Tiffany.  You'll have to look hard as the few buds it has seem to be facing the fence not the path!

Now, as we reach the end of this courtyard area, you'll see some Snake's Head Fritilleries (and yes, that is a white one which has appeared in with the red ones!).

Come through into the next area, and hiding in the north facing shade of a large Elaeagnus is this delightful Dicentra Spectabilis (although I've just discovered that it's now had its name changed to Lamprocapnos Spectablis for some reason!).

A little further on, under the Snake Bark Maple the Epimedium is just starting to flower (I don't usually like yellow flowers, but somehow they seem ok if they're pale and flower in the spring).

Come past the pond (no further sightings of Mrs Newt I'm afraid), past the greenhouse and veg beds and through to my secret sitting area where no-one can see me and from where I can't hear the phone or doorbell.  Clematis Macropetala 'Maidwell Hall' was only planted last year and is so very nearly open.

These little white grape hyacinths have appeared down here this year, I didn't plant them so guess I must have disturbed them when I was planting last year.  They look lovely next to the Scillas.

I hope you've enjoyed your stroll down the garden with me, as you leave through the front garden keep an eye out for Viola Freckles and a rather confused, self sown Cerinthe which is flowering already!

I hope you all have lovely Easter weekends and maybe the next time that we take a stroll down my garden we should stop for tea and cake, what do you think?


Toffeeapple said...

Such a lot happening for you already. Not much going on here as yet, but it will. Your Clematis are beautifully coloured. I like the white Muscari, gift from the birds perhaps?

Emma said...

Beautiful, all of it! I'll definitely go for a cup of tea in the place where no one can get to you! I'm trying to make one of those ;)

Cottage Garden said...

Lots of lovely things happening in your garden Su - mine is slowly waking up! The rain is certainly welcome that's for sure.

Happy Easter.


PS Yes to the tea and cake:-)

Anna said...

Enjoyed the Easter tour Sue and oh yes please to cake next time round. Thanks for the clematis alpina suggestion on my blog. Having seen 'Constance' in the flesh and here she is definitely on my short list :) I have a self seeded cerinthe at the allotment but although well advanced she has yet to flower. Hope that you are enjoying the Easter break despite the wet stuff. Much needed in your part of the world though :(

elaine rickett said...

I am fascinated that you know the exact date that something flowered last year - did you blog about it then or are you a fanatical diary keeper. My Clematis Alpina is slowly opening its buds I love it as it is so easy.