Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthdays, Messes and Little Plays

Did you celebrate this weekend?  It was my birthday and I'd like to thank the nation for providing me with a weekend of bunting, pageants, concerts and flypasts - I'm sure the Queen doesn't mind sharing her jubilee with my birthday!  Three of the aircraft from the flypast flew right over my house this afternoon, they must have been on their way to line up. 

I don't really do big celebrations for birthdays, but I had a lovely meal on Sunday with some friends (whose husband also has the same birthday as me) and they bought me this little Victorian stool - isn't it just gorgeous? 

It's for sitting on down by the pond, so I don't have to sit on the mossy rock anymore (not the most comfortable of seats and often slightly damp!).

I had coffee on it on my birthday morning whilst watching the tadpoles - they have tiny back legs now.

But I'm afraid that for much of the rest of the weekend I've been ensconced in my study, as it had become rather untidy (that could possibly be a rather large understatement) and I couldn't actually work or sew in the space that was left!  This was it before I started to tidy up on Sunday afternoon (I do wish I was naturally tidy and that mess didn't accumulate around me!):

This was it by Monday afternoon (that awful "I wish I'd never started this" stage):

And this is it now - finished, and very organised!:

By throwing out loads of old paperwork I managed to clear enough space to put all my fabric on the shelves and not in piles on the floor.  It also gave me the chance to go through all the fabric I was fortunate enough to acquire via a friend of a friend on twitter the other week (but more of that another time).

Part of the reason for the tidy up was that I bought these Amy Butler fabrics from John Lewis on Saturday.

and now I actually have the space to make them into a dress and a skirt.

But I'd hate you to think that I've just been tidying - I've also been playing.  With this little lady, and her brother and sister.

Don't panic she's not mine, my neighbour breeds Abyssinian cats, and they need to get used to being handled and played with before they can be sold - it's a tough job, but someone has to do it!


Miriam Weaver said...

I'm afraid you were sharing with me too, it was our 34th wedding anniversary on Sunday! I was so happy that the country arranged such a celebration !

Toffeeapple said...

Such a pretty kitten. Your stool is perfect for use by the pool, you are lucky. I have a room to tackle too but it isn't as big as yours, all I need to do is move out the two tables then I'll be able to get at everything else.

ANNA said...

Sharing with me too - today was my birthday too!! I almost tidied up my workroom but thought I would leave that for some other time

Iz said...

Happy Birthday!

Maggie said...

Well as you say, tough job but someone's got to do it.... me next! Sweet kitten, lovely tidied room, and belated happy birthday. Your very own mini flypast, whatever next?

Jo said...

Kitten sitter, I could do that job. What little cuties they are. Happy belated birthday, I love the little stool you got for a present, it's perfect to perch on whilst watching the pond life. The study looks much better now, I look forward to seeing the new clothes now that you have somewhere to work.

Anna said...

Best wishes late though they are for your birthday Su and for the year ahead. Sounds as if was a good 'un and how considerate of the Queen to provide extra entertainment. Funny how when you are clearing up that you always reach a point when it looks worse than when you started. Final result is great - now can I borrow you to tidy my study. I don't do tidiness either :)

crafty cat corner said...

It's great to see someone else has a messy room, I really do try to keep mine tidy but when I work it all goes out the window (tidyness not the work. lol)
I just love the kitten, mine are all grown up now and I would love another but common sense prevails thanks to Tom.

dottycookie said...

A belated happy birthday - what a lovely gift the stool is!

Cottage Garden said...

Oh they are so cute - if you need any more 'volunteers' here I am!

Happy bithday for last Monday Su. What a lovely, thoughful gift from your friends.

Your workroom looks much like my study does on a daily basis, but I do have a good tidy up on Saturday mornings!

Did you get to the Open Gardens at Lavenham?