Thursday, June 14, 2012

Foxy Ladies

There are certain flowers that a garden has to have in my opinion and foxgloves are one of them.  When I moved here I brought some seeds with me that I'd saved the previous year in my old garden.  Today the sun came out and those foxy ladies were zinging in the warmth.

Some are quite dark, with very dark stems

Some are pink with a paler pink speckled throat

Some are pink with a yellow speckled throat

And some are a total pure white, no speckles at all.

They're all self sown from those seeds I scattered 4 years ago - a lovely assortment of colours.

Essential plants in my cottage garden - I wonder what plants you have to have in your gardens?


Rustic Vintage Country said...

I don't have a garden unfortunately :( but if I did, and it would be a cottage garden including fruit and veg, foxgloves would certainly be on the list. I do have a little flower section on my allotment and I have some growing there and they self seed like crazy! x

Lynne said...

A few foxgloves again this year - some years they self-seed, others we have to wait for the biennials to come up again. The lupins are ready to pop. The giant poppies are open or ready to unfurl. Lots centaurea, French Lavender, Michaelmas Daisies, sage flowers going like a bomb, and numerous others; though it's not a large garden. Love your foxy ladies!

Maggie said...

Like you, foxgloves are a must. We have a border of them at the bottom of the garden, mixed in with white comfrey and purple poppies. The foxgloves are mainly of the pink/purple variety, several pure white, and popped up near the house is a lemony one, no speckles, never seen it before, and the bells (or whatever they are called) are larger than the usual purple ones.
Any daisy type flower is a must for me, alliums, cranesbill, honeysuckle and roses climbing over an archway, and lavender. These are all growing in our garden along with loads of other plants all of which seem to be going mad at the moment!

marigold jam said...

Hollyhocks I think. I love foxgloves too though and brought some seeds from our garden in France when we moved back here but they didn't seem to germinate or at least not until I bought a foxglove plant at the local market and then noticed one of the French seeded ones coming up - maybe it didn't understand what was required of it till it met a British cousin! Now they are increasing along my boundary with the wood and looking great.

crafty cat corner said...

Beautiful, I also love foxgloves, I love the way they are so hardy.
I only have a small yard with pots but would love a garden. Oh well, there's no harm in wishing is there...
Keep well

Ati. said...

We also have those plants but they aren't blooming yet. It has been too cold here. We also have lupines and blue bells blooming now :)

Toffeeapple said...

Foxgloves, Poppies, Aquilega, Phlox, Lavender and Honeysuckle are all essential to me.