Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Total Opposites

I have two clematis flowering in my garden at the moment, one extremely tiny, and one big and blowsy!  They're rather late and I'd nearly given up on them both.

Clematis Rubromarginata

The tiny one is Rubromarginata - supposedly scented, but I think it must be a very faint scent - and is about 1cm across the flower.  I thought it had died earlier on in the year so I was most surprised to see it in flower at the weekend, tiny, subtle and very very delicate.

Whereas this one, just shouts "Look at me!"

Clematis Jackmanii Superba

It's Jackmanii Superba and was another one I thought had died.  It's the first time it's flowered as last year it developed wilt.

I also spotted these fennel seed heads at the weekend,

I love the shape of them and the contrast with the blue sky.  I'm sure I can translate them into something textiley at some point, but for now I'll enjoy looking at them!

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my textile on the last post - I'm very excited to tell you that I was asked if I'd sell it, and so it is now residing in a new home!  Buns for tea then (if you've ever watched 'The Railway Children' you'll understand what I mean, if you haven't then you really must, it's my favourite film!).


dottycookie said...

The one and only clematis we had in our garden decided it didn't like us and escaped over the fence. None of the others has ever taken. Sigh.i shall look at yours instead!

elaine rickett said...

Clematis are very temperamental aren't they - I have a few dotted about the garden - some years they do brilliantly others they just sulk. The fennel looks wonderful against the blue sky.

marigold jam said...

We have two clematis one a tiny flowered on which scrambles over the shed covering the roof and has pretty much suffocated its companion montana and another deep marron one which this year was slow to flower and when it did didn't have many blloms this year. I do know what you mean about the buns for tea - congratulations on your sale.

Anonymous said...

Love fennel seed heads too, especially at a certain time of day in our garden when the lowering sun catches them.
And as for clematis, love them but have had no luck at all in trying to grow them here in the past twenty years we've lived in this house - a bit like wisteria, and so I have given up!

Cottage Garden said...

Isn't it a lovely day here in sunny Suffolk - for a change!

I love clematis and also have a Jackmani Superba - it never fails to put on a good show and I noticed that it too has taken on a second bloom.

Lovely photos as ever Su.


Anna said...

Both beauties in their own way Su. I wonder if temperature affects the strength of the scent. Funnily enough I have been taking photos of fennel seed heads too. Congratulations on your sale and enjoy those buns :)

Su said...
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