Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oozing With Inspiration!

Today I took a trip to London.  To the V and A.  I love the V and A, I spent many, many hours (probably days) there as a student but haven't been for years now.  How can you not love somewhere with staircases like this?

But I hadn't come for a general look round, I'd come to this exhibition

Image from V and A website
It was inspirational.  So many, many beautiful costumes.  There was no photography allowed in the exhibition but I bought some postcards (and am now regretting not buying the book!).

Costume for Elizabeth 1 - Elizabeth the Golden Age 2007
Green Curtain Dress - Gone With The Wind 1939
The information in each room was fascinating and the use of ICT to enhance the exhibits I thought was brilliant (once I'd got used to the photographic heads moving!).  This picture from the exhibition website shows some of the costumes in the final room (and you spot the two sides of Cruella Deville?) with the films projected through the gauze 'wings' hanging from the ceiling.

Image from V and A website
It's on until the end of January, booking in advance is essential, but if you get the chance to go I'd really recommend it.  I'm buzzing with ideas from it and if I had the time I'd go again.  All the details are here

And after I'd had a quick look around some of the rest of the museum (I'll save those pictures for another post) I headed off here as they had 30% off some fabric.

Well it would have been rude not to have done so, wouldn't it?!


Gina said...

I'm desperate to go back to this exhibition before it closes... and I was lucky enough to get the book for Christmas. It's wonderful.

dottycookie said...

We went to London yesterday too - it was far less busy than I had been expecting it to be! We went to the RA and then to Fortnum and Mason - and didn't buy anything!

crafty cat corner said...

Such a shame you couldn't take photo's, so many lovely close ups to be had.
I love the London Museums but they take their toll on me these day, all that walking. lol
Thanks for the congratulations, just got to make it to the 50th golden one now.

Jo said...

What a fabulous exhibition, I would love it. It's such a shame that I'm not closer so that I could visit it.

ANNA said...

The exhibition is awesome and so is the book - very well worth the money - the articles are very interesting and the photos - well what can i say - I purchased mine via Amazon as it is less expensive - I have been reading it since I went to the exhibition back in October!! I also purchased two other books written by Deborah Nadoolman Landis the designer who organsed the exhibition - she is an amazing woman.

Anna said...

It looks as if it would be a brilliant exhibition to visit Su. The first film that I went to see with a friend rather than with adults was 'Gone With The Wind' - I can remember that curtain dress vividly. One of my few regrets about living in the north is that opportunities to visit London are few and far between :( Hope that the new year treats you, your cats and your garden kindly xxx

Debs Dust Bunny said...

Hope I get to see this exhibit. It looks great. It's always good to have a review from someone who's been there! Thanks.