Monday, March 11, 2013

A Little Bit More Mud and Lots of Light!

I seem to have an ability to attract mud at the moment (remember the snowdrop/dragon hunt of the other week?).  This Friday was Light Night in Sudbury.  It was a celebration of art and artists of the Stour Valley, from Gainsborough and Constable to modern artists, and yes, you’ve guessed, there was a certain amount of mud involved!

By the time I met up with Celia the rain had stopped and we started off by watching a light projection onto the church in the market square, images from both old masters 

and new masters - this one is from one of Celia's linocuts .

The path/track down to the water meadow was quite muddy but worth negotiating as the water meadows were lit around the edge by lanterns that changed colour 

and the trees were also lit up - it was quite stunning.

On top of a boat floating along the river was an illuminated mechanical swan - again quite stunning.

And there was mud, quite a lot, which was quite disconcerting in the dark and a degree of concentration was required to stay upright (but I'm pleased to say we all did!).

Fortunately we managed to keep our feet under the table when we retired to the pub to eat.

And then on Saturday, when traipsing down the garden to the greenhouse I spotted the first daffodil to open.  

In my excitement of photographing the daff I managed to completely lose the scissors I had in my hand - and I still haven't found them!


dottycookie said...

I've lost count of the number of garden tools I've lost in our garden, and it's only little!

The light festival looks really astonishing.

Jo said...

What a lovely event, the image looks great projected on to the church. I'm still waiting for my first daffodil to flower.

flowerlady said...

What a fantastic light display,glad you traipsed through the mud to take photo's to share with us,my first daffodil flowered last week but is not enjoying this cold weather

elaine said...

Wow - what a great idea - I should imagine the photographs don't do it justice - I tried to capture firework night on camera and the photos were rubbish. No daffs for me yet, poised on the brink though

Emma said...

Amazing pics, such colorful trees. Love the linocut projected, her work is great.