Friday, March 29, 2013

What Do You Want That Old Thing For?

It's really not feeling much like spring here, the wind is biting and although we've had some sunshine today, it's now back to grey and gloomy but in preparation for the long, warm spring gardening days ahead (ever hopeful!) I started sorting out the muddle of tools that were falling over in my shed. I have a motley collection of various tools but my favourite ones are my old ones.

Apart from the dibber which I bought in a junk shop, all the rest have been passed down to me. There's my Dad's wooden mallet (I think he knows I've got it!), Aunty Elsie's asparagus knife, Granny's hoe, Grandad's rake and shears, and Grandpa's spade.  I love the fact that these have been used by other passionate gardeners, and the wood always feels much nicer than modern plastic handles.

I also have an old trug, which is currently residing in the conservatory but comes into its own in the summer in the veg garden.

My family generally think I'm nuts and are often heard to say "what do you want that old thing for?" as I stop them from throwing things out - I got very excited by this old tin of my Dads!

But on my way down to the shed though I did spy some spring cheerfulness, daffodils

wind flowers

 and the buds of ornamental rhubarb.

I hope you all have wonderful Easters and that we'll all have some nice, warm, spring weather soon!


Maggie said...

A fellow fan of well-loved and used tools here too! However since the various bone problems set in I have had to resort to buying lady-sized ones for the odd time I do anything other than prune and tidy.

Jo said...

I love things which have a story behind them. How lovely to be gardening with tools which have been previously well loved by other members of the family. Your trug's a beauty.

Toffeeapple said...

Treasures indeed, they look wonderful.

Enjoy your Easter, I wish you some Spring!

crafty cat corner said...

What is it today that people want to throw stuff away because its old. If its functional why throw it away?
I love the old stuff myself.
Love the picture of the Rhubarb, crumble anyone/

elaine rickett said...

Oo what a lovely collection - I have quite a few of my Dads tools too and the exact same dibber as yours, not sure where I got mine from but it comes in jolly useful. Have a good Easter yourself.

dottycookie said...

We don't have so many old garden tools, but my husband treasures his grandfather's old toolchest, complete with ancient tobacco tins full of carefully sorted screws and nails!

Mark Willis said...

When I was a boy I used to keep all sorts of "special things" in my Dad's used tobacco tins. As for tools, I sometimes find that something improves with age - wooden handles certainly do.

flowerlady said...

I also have some old tools, they always seem so well made and it is lovely to think it has also been used by someone else who loved the garden too.

Debs Dust Bunny said...

Don't let them discourage you... keep all those lovely old things. They come with memories, history and left over love! : )