Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The temperature's dropped and the sun has generally stayed away but it did stop raining for a little while today so I rushed out into the garden to see what was flowering.

There are red tulips,

pink dicentra,

and, bizarrely, a peachy rose (Abraham Darby)!

There's white exochorda (The Bride),

white lilac,

and white 'blue' bells.

There's a white and blue iris (Knick Knack),

bluebells (proper blue ones!), 

and tiny blue forget-me-nots.

But my favourite has to be this wacky, black parrot tulip.

It's in a pot by my front door, and they've actually done very, very badly (only about 1/2 have flowered) but the few that have opened make me smile!

Let's hope it warms up again soon!


Anonymous said...

I agree about the cold... we have our heating on again today. Lots of folk have said how their tulips haven't done as well this year, me included. Some haven't appeared at all (pretty pale pink and green ones) or only a couple have flowered and they are smaller than usual. On the other hand, some have multiplied - bright yellow and orange ones, not my favourites sadly! But there is much colour.. I picked a posy the other day, the lily of the valley in it is sweetly scenting my workroom, helping to disperse some of the smell remaining on a newly painted shelving unit.
Love the iris, and white bluebells.

Plain Jane said...

What beautiful flowers - I love the way that the yellows of the primroses and daffodils give way to the blues and whites. What an incredible tulip!
Jane x

flowerlady said...

Love the Iris,my first one has flowered but was leaving it to go in my next post.

Miriam Weaver said...

Beautiful photos, they have cheered me up no end!

Toffeeapple said...

Oh, my Irises are not tall enough to bloom yet. Yours looks gorgeous, as do your other blooms.