Friday, May 31, 2013

When in London I Walk

When I go to London I walk. I always have done. Stems from 2 years of living as a student in London and having to walk due to lack of finances, but you see so much more! Yesterday I had a trip to London (an early birthday present to myself) and I caught the tube to Embankment and then walked.

First I walked to Covent Garden, where I was a little disappointed.

Most of the nice artisan shops had gone, there was hardly anything apart from national chains and places to eat.

I did find this lovely macaroon shop though (didn't buy any as I wasn't sure they'd survive the day) so I decided to walk to Trafalgar Square to St Martins in the Fields.

My parents got married here and I didn't think I'd ever been in.  The ceiling is stunning.  Needing a rest and some refuelling I had lunch in the crypt.  

Great food, lovely setting and various 'odd' tombs/memorials in the gallery - I loved this one of the first Pearly King.

Then I walked to here, the reason for my being in London.

I bought the ticket last November as a birthday present to myself and it was worth every penny.  A mix of hand sprung puppets, a very simple set, english folk music and hand drawn animations - amazing.

After the theatre, more walking. Through Piccadilly Circus, to Regent Street - and beyond!

I had a lovely day, although my legs are a little tired today - can't think why!


Celia Hart said...

Your legs deserve a rest today... sit down and enjoy the memories of yesterday.

I agree about Covent Garden, it's not what it was - which is a great shame. I think Gabriel's Wharf and the South Bank are now better for indie shops and markets.
I used to have a route around Covent Garden, through Holborn and up to Southampton Row, taking in all the wonderful indie shops and art supplies - sadly they have now all closed or moved so CG has been off my route for years.

Realise I've never been to St Martins in the Fields either.


Anonymous said...

Well, as someone who can no longer do that kind of walking about, it was lovely to read about yours...thank you for sharing.
It's decades since I was in Covent Garden, shame if it has changed as much as your average high street.

elaine rickett said...

I haven't been to London for years and certainly never on my own - if you have lived there I suppose it's second nature but I find cities a little frightening to be honest. Glad you enjoyed The War Horse it sounds fantastic my friend bought me the book a couple of years ago but I haven't read it as I feared the tears would start rolling and wouldn't stop!


And we were in London the day after you (the sunny day! and very nice too). We walk everywhere too and a bit like you ... have an achey back today for some reason! Spent the rest of our week off in Suffolk - down your way! xCathy

Miriam Weaver said...

It's often better to walk in London much quicker! I went to st martins when my cousin married there 35 years ago, I was working in the city and took an extended lunch hour as she married mid week. I know it was 35 years ago because tomorrow is our 35th wedding anniversary and she married a month after us. Happy birthday Sue, you gave yourself a lovely present glad you had such a good time!

flowerlady said...

Thanks for the tour, it's years since I've been to Convent Gardens so like you would be disappointed. As for War Horse haven't seen it yet but we were only saying yesterday we must go

Gina said...

That sounds like a fabulous day out Su. I always like to walk in London too.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I long to see War Horse! And yes, I generally walk when in London too :D

Jo said...

I've only been to London a few times, the last time was when the kids were younger and we spent the weekend walking everywhere. Whenever I mention that weekend now they both remember how much walking was involved, I think I put them off London for life. War Horse is touring and I was wondering about going to see it as it looks absolutely fantastic, but having seen the film, I just know I'd be in floods of tears. The puppetry involved is fascinating and very clever though. Glad you enjoyed your birthday present to yourself.

Diana Studer said...

When in London, I walk. Yes, everything, is fascinating, new and different. Is the doll's house shop still at Covent Garden?

St Martin in the Fields we went to an evening concert - the music almost upstaged by the fading light thru the egg shaped window.