Tuesday, October 29, 2013

After the Storm

Yesterday's storm passed through here with very little immediate effect - a few branches down in the street and that was about it.  But a 5 min walk to the river Stour today showed just what power it had.

Willows have been cracked and snapped.

Some have already been cleared from the path and cut up - left for wildlife to snuggle down in during winter I hope.

But it wasn't just willows that were damaged, across on the other bank a broader leaved tree (an alder I think) has had a limb snapped and is resting in the river.

I was pleased to see that the swan family were ok, although there was only 1 adult around today (if you enlarge the picture you might be able to see the now rather large cygnets in the background).

Today everything had returned to a restful calm.

The trains are still not running and there was no sign of anyone clearing the branches up from the line (I guess as a single track branch line we don't have priority) - I wonder how long it will be before they're back?

I hope you all survived the storm ok.


Anna said...

Sorry to read about the damage Su. It's so sad to see trees felled by the wind. Willows are quite resilient though and may reshoot depending on the extent of the damage. We were very lucky to escape the wrath of the winds in the north west as we did in 1987 but have had a lot of heavy rain.

Sue Garrett said...

We were lucky and were hardly affected just a bit windier than it had been.

Toffeeapple said...

We hardly noticed it either but I do feel sorry for those who were affected.

Julie @Dragonfly Gems said...

We had some fence panels down and some trees at the bottom of the garden. Our electric went out at 8.30 monday morning and didn't come back on until last night at 6.30.. so we were without for 34 hours.. although I hear some people still aren't connected in some places.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Always sad to see trees down. Luckily we were at its northern reaches and so little damage was done here.


Pretty much the same story here - not really much damage, nothing like those news clips! We have four huge willows in the garden though, and I always think "one day ...". Not this time though! Phew! xCathy

Jo said...

It's sad to see so many trees down. Glad you were safe though, it was terrible hearing about the poor souls who lost their lives.