Friday, October 4, 2013

The Secret Sewing Project (part 1)

Over the summer I received an email from Celia with an offer she knew I wouldn't be able to resist - would I like some free fabric from her new fabric collection to do what I liked with and blog about?  I didn't take long to reply and very soon a lovely parcel arrived

which contained three pieces of the most gorgeous printed linen cotton canvas in beautiful designs and colours.

I decided to use the 'stone' hearts design to make a very simple cushion as I knew it would be perfect in my lounge.

Just some rounded corners and on the back a co-ordininating plain fabric with some beautiful matching buttons I found to set off Celia's lovely design

and it looks perfect on my sofa.

Next I decided to make myself a case for my work iPad using the two designs in the 'sea' colourway.

It's padded and I used a co-ordinating fabric to line it

I used a different heart on the back 

and the elastic pops round the button to secure it.

I'm going to enjoy using this case in all the schools that I visit this year.

You can buy all of Celia's fabrics here from her Spoonflower shop

Now some of you may be wondering why this post is titled 'part 1' - it's because, due to a supply failure  (ie I've run out of something I need to finish it and, due to manic work commitments, haven't been able to get anywhere to get some more!) the other item I'm making is still a work in progress - but here's a little taster of it

It will be revealed asap, I promise.

Thank you Celia letting me have some of these lovely fabrics to play with - do pop over to her blog and those of the other secret sewers, Tracy and Gina, to see what they made too - there are some amazing things :-).

Edited - 'unfinished project' is now finished and blogged about here (there's a give-away too!)


Rosemary said...

What a priviledge for you have been one of the first people to use Celia's fabrics. I have looked at all three post and all reveal lots of sewing talent to show off her fabrics.

Gina said...

Lovely projects Su! The back of your cushion is gorgeous and those buttons look as though they were made for it. Looking forward to part II

Jo said...

You tease you. What fabulous fabrics, you've put them to great use. I love the cushion and the buttons go perfectly with the fabric, I don't think you could have got a better match.

annjennyg said...

I love what you have made with Celia's beautiful fabric. I especially like the ipad cover- what a clever idea!

Mystic Quilter said...

Beautiful work Su and the fabric designs are lovely.
I have visited both sites - Celia and Spoonflower now - thanks for bringing to our attention!

lp_ lisa said...

I love the blue fabric. Very excited by the mystery article, the trim is lovely. Amazing workmanship again.. as with the other 2 secret sewers. You are lovely talented people!

lp_ lisa said...

'Sewers' as in sew-ers / seamstresses / talented stitchers.... Not as in drains! Doh!

driftwood said...

really lovely, the designs really shine out, I love the case the most x

dragonfly said...

The ipad case is gorgeous, and as I said before, the button is perfect.
I'm very much liking the look at the WIP too : )

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I have cushion envy, and Celia's fabric's envy ... hurrah for the sewer and the designer :)

Anna said...

Once again Su I can only say what a talented lady you are. Love the fabrics and what you've done with them :)