Friday, June 6, 2014

A 150 year Skirt

When I went to London in April I bought this fabric from John Lewis to make a reversible skirt as I'd been inspired by Gina's.

I bought it not realising it was part of their 150 year celebration prints.  The yellow fabric is in the Cummersdale print which dates back to their founding year in 1864 and was originally a furnishing fabric, whereas the Bricks print on the right was originally a 1950s dress fabric.

I used the Viola skirt pattern from Sew Me Something, and despite a few problems with the fit (it seemed to grow and be much bigger than me!), I'm pleased with the finished result.

It can be worn either with the yellow skirt on top,

or with some clever turning, with just the longer skirt showing.

I reversed the buttons too, yellow on bricks, 

and bricks on yellow

I won't tell you how long it took me to get the pattern on the yellow buttons all centred the same but it was a long time even for my perfectionist nature!

I was going to wear it to work this week, but I had scabby knees from gardening so I'm hoping to wear it next week instead!

I've also just bought another of their 150 year prints, daisy chain, to make a blouse from,

but not just yet as the sun is shining and the garden needs my attention :-)


Frances said...

I've clicked over here from Celia's place and have enjoyed my visit.

As someone who once upon a time made just about all my own clothes, I really admire your reversible skirt. You did a fantastic job with all the planning and detailing.

I also love the fabrics you have selected. Bravo.

Jo said...

Very clever. The fabric's lovely too and I love your attention to detail with the buttons.

Gina said...

I love your skirt - the fabrics are gorgeous. I've got the fabric ready to make a second one but just haven't had time recently. Maybe this week!

Toffeeapple said...

I like your work here, very detailed but I am wondering how the buttons feel on your body, the inside ones I mean?

I used to make almost all of my own clothes, I wonder why I stopped...


Oh, you're just too clever! It is seriously gorgeous - both of them! xCathy

Anne Wheaton said...

This looks very clever. Must drag my machine out again.