Monday, June 23, 2014

Basking In The Sunshine

It's been a glorious weekend here in Suffolk, the sun has shone, the birds have sung and the bees have buzzed and today, in just 2 minutes in the front garden, I spied these:

small tortoiseshell butterflies enjoying the lavender.

And then I turned round and saw this male common blue damselfly on the hydrangea. 

If you look carefully in this photo you can see him feeding on the nectar.

And then Lady Emma Hamilton rose wanted her photo taken too, as she was looking so stunning against the clear blue sky!

Apologies for not visiting many of your blogs this week - blogger is playing up and will only show me 1 person's last post instead of the entire list it always used to give me. I'm hoping normal service will be resumed soon otherwise I'll have to import you all into bloglovin!


Amanda said...

A bit of sun make the heart sing doesn't it.

elaine said...

I am having the same trouble with Blogger - I contacted them as they said it was a bug they were trying to fix - such a nuisance. No butterflies here just the odd one - hoping to get more when the Buddleia starts blooming - plenty of bees though. Love the shot of the damselfly, beautiful.

Toffeeapple said...

I haave never seen so many Damselflies as I have this year, they are gorgeous little things. Your Rose is spectacular!

Anna said...

What glorious colours on the damselfly Su. I'm not sure where our butterflies have disappeared too over the last couple of weeks. Hope that they soon put in some flying time :)

Frances said...

Yes, that old blogger was giving me the same annoying symptom. How wonderful to have the tech gates open again today, and to be able to see what folks like you have been up to.

I do love those damsel flies! Of course the butterflies and flowers also are very beautiful.


Jo said...

I haven't seen many butterflies around just lately. Your second photo is just beautiful. Well done on capturing the damselfly, I've never been successful in getting a good photo of one, I just don't have the patience to sit and wait whilst they're flitting about, they're so quick.