Saturday, July 5, 2014

One Thing Leads To Another

It started in November last year with this multiyork chair (the one I got free from twitter).

Sitting on it made me realise how much I missed my old multi-york sofa so I decided to treat myself to a new sofa in their sale.
Whilst measuring for the new sofa I realised that the carpet had faded badly and unless I was going to have exactly the same size sofa I'd need to re-do the floor.
Having chosen and ordered the floor and the sofa I decided to do a quick 'freshen' up of the paintwork.  This is where things started to go slightly 'off plan'.

Whilst painting the ceiling all the old paint decided to detach itself from the lime plaster that was underneath.  By the end of day one this is what my ceiling looked like.

I had to phone a decorator, who decided a plasterer was what what I needed so he called his mate.

Cue new ceiling.

I lived in chaos for several more weeks as the ceiling had to dry before the decorator could come back to paint it and all the furniture from the lounge had to move into the dining room.
Fortunately I have some lovely friends who between them kept inviting me round for meals so I could actually sit at a table to eat :-)

In amongst this I got stung by a wasp whilst leaving a key for the decorator and had a nasty allergic reaction, and they delivered the wrong floor once.

Eventually the wooden floor was laid and I made new sheer curtains to hang at the window and door.
Unfortunately this was when D cat decided to eat the needle and have to have emergency treatment at the vets to remove it (thank goodness for pet insurance!).

In May the new sofa and new cover for the chair (that started all of this) arrived - the chair has a total new look,

the curtains look light and airy at the window and door,

and the cats thoroughly approve of the new sofa and floor!

I plan to have the same floor put down in the dining room next year, but I'm going to get the decorator in from the start this time!


Debs Dust Bunny said...

After all the trouble, it looks so beautiful and fresh!

Jo said...

It looks fabulous. Amazing how one thing starts something else off and before you know it, a major overhaul is underway.

Gina said...

If it's any consolation it does look fabulous!

elaine said...

Oh dear - what a saga - but worth it in the end - your new look room looks fab.

Toffeeapple said...

Oh, I say, it does look fantastic now! Enjoy it all.


Oh, you went through seven kinds of hell to get that room - but you can now relax in it and look back and laugh? It is kind of funny, as well as horrid! xCathy